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Ocr b453 p.e - 23/05/2012

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    Hi, just wonderd if anyone else did the exam and how did you find it? what answers did you get for any of the questions and what you think the grade boundaries will be ? Thanks.
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    Hellor :-). I sat it today and found it pretty easy, so fingers crossed! There was soo much stuff that didn't come up, but i'm not complaining lol . Hope you did well .
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    Yeah I thought it was pretty easy we didn't really learn anything on the one about how do funds increase participation or something like that. what did you get? and good luck on this and all your exams
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    We didn't really get taught that either. I wrote how an increase in funds means more facilities could be opened up, such as a new leisure centre and how this could encourage people to socialise more, meaning they're likely to keep doing physical activity. Then spoke about other things that could be purchased lool and how more funds means they could spend it on things like taster sessions to encourage new comers etc:s . Most of my friends wrote things like that too, but I dunno :L
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    Ahh that's good I wrote that too:L
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    was that question " how does funds limit someones participation in physical activites"
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    I think it was something like: "How does funding affect young people's participation in physical activity?"
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    Hey guys, just wanted to see what you lot got for the funding question?
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    (Original post by Nikhil_m)
    Hey guys, just wanted to see what you lot got for the funding question?
    I put something along the lines of: More funds means more facilities and equipment so a higher participation rise and more people would be interested. Lower funds means that not many kids will be interested so they won't take part. It could fund more schools and sport education classes to get the kids interested in it.
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    Yeah similar to mine. I added the point of travel costs will be covered, and funding for training sessions, and better coaching
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    what did you lot get for the FITT? did you jsut explain FITT or did u set a plan?
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    I explained it and then put how i would make it harder like increase them all and change the type if needed. I wasn't sure so i just put both down
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    haha spot on with me too! what exams have you got tomorrow?
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    Good! I'm glad we've got similar answers :L & just english lit tomorrow, you?
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    Yeah same, unless we both failed miserably! and same, I've got Duffy and Lord of the flies -_- (english lit)
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    What was the actual question for that fit question?can anyone remember?
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    how would you plan a programme using FITT, something along those lines :P
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    Wasn't it something like, "Using the FITT principle explain how someone could use it in an exercise plan"?
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    wow some good memory lol!
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    Thanks I think I just put like decide on how often to train how hard to set the training how long the training and the type w.g. aerobic is that right:L? The way they set the question out confused me:L


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