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Ocr b453 p.e - 23/05/2012

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    yeh it was a tough question, I think it just tried to ask us to explain the FITT principle, but they worded it wierdly
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    Haha, i know! surprised myself to be honest:L I didnt put aerobic or anaerobic in there :confused:
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    Ahhh trying to think of any other questions I have the memory of a goldfish:L
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    yeah you should get atleast 3/4!
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    You didn't need it I just put it in there because I didn't know how to describe type very well:L
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    Do you think I would get a mark for the grass playing field for saying slippery surface so you could like slip over and injure yourself?
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    I put slippery rocks too, and now I regret it! I don't think it is a mark because that is a hazard for outdoor adventurous activities
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    I didn't put rocks I put like slippery surfaces from like rain :L
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    ahh not sure about that one mate, what did you put for other two?
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    I put glass and potholes pal you?
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    I put glass, potholes and litter from previous people on the field
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    I put discarded litter, ditches in the ground and slippery rocks! damn lost 1 mark there
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    I did this yesterday, needed 34/40 UMS for an A, don't think i got that!

    Found the funds question quite difficult, i thought it was talking about what would happen if the young person didn't have funds but some people on here seem to think it was more about the council not having funds and stuff so that isn't a good start!

    Also the hazards outside: i put glass on the field, not having protection on posts (rugby) etc.

    The last question was good, if only most questions were like that.

    The grade boundaries for the last exam for b453 in january weren't too good guys...
    Raw out of 60: A*/56 A/52 B/48 C/44 D/39 E/34 F/29 G/24 U/0

    The grade boundaries are so high because the examination boards want to gain a reputation of sports studies as a hard and difficult subject and not just a subject that 'you can do PE and get a gcse from'

    Anyway if anyone else remembers more questions please post! Hope you all did well!
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    Oh crap, the health of muscles was tough! Would I get marks for the funding if I said, pays for transport, clothing, equiptment and facilities? the grade boundaries are pretty high :O
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    Im not sure but i know some of the question were roughly :

    Where is synovial fluid found and what does it do?[4]

    How does lactic acid affect a person in maintaining physical activity?[3]

    Name three short term effects of physical activity for the respiratory system.[3]

    Describe using practical examples, how someone can learn and develop skills.[6] (Not sure about that one)

    If ii remember anymore i'll post them up here again :')
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    How may regular exercise develop the health of muscles? (6)

    Explain the short and long term effects on the cardio-vascular system? (6)
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    You should have said something according to this ' I would increase the intensity to put a higher stress and demand on the body. I would increase the frequency to improve their overall fitness, and I would increase the type and time both to avoid tedium and increase the length of sessions' this is what a modal answer would be but anything according to his i.e increasing each one would get u full marks.
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    Hey. I'm sitting the B453 exam in two weeks time and i really want too pass it however i don't feel too confident that i will.. any tips on helping me get through it?
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    (Original post by Hanny22)
    Hey. I'm sitting the B453 exam in two weeks time and i really want too pass it however i don't feel too confident that i will.. any tips on helping me get through it?
    Don't worry, I don't think many of us were confident before we sat this exam either! Maybe try learning acronyms for the different categories?
    Then as soon as the exam starts ask for a spare sheet of paper and write them all down, that way you can refer to that instead of having to remember everything straight from your memory.
    Good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine
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    I'm sorry but P.E is easy - just learn from mark scgemes!


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