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Need help getting my tax refund.

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    Right last year during the summer holiday when i was 16 i lost around £400- £600 in tax (PAYE Tax).
    I have called HMR several times and they have told me wait until the tax year ended, so i did. I called them again then they said after the tax year finishes it then takes another 2-3 weeks to process tax refunds etc well i guess that was another lie, as i haven't seen no checks addressed to me in the post.

    So now i have decided to send a letter, i was considering sending the following with the letter as well... bank statement, one pay slipand also a copy of P45 which i got from streatham playscape raceway once they closed down and terminated everyone's employment.

    Please could someone tell me if I'm doing the correct thing? Also should i send a copy of my slip or the actual real pay slip itself?
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    I had the same problem only when I phoned them I was told to write them a letter telling them exactly what had happened, they told me to send my original P45 and I went on the website & found a form that I filled in for claiming tax refunds. (I think it was called a P50)

    I only received my check about a week ago, but I received a reply to my letter much before that. HMR take AGES and I mean AGES to reply to anything, I send my letter at the end of February and didn't get a reply until the end of April, and then my check only came about a week ago. So yes writing a letter is the right thing, make sure you photocopy your P45 and the letter and any other forms you send before you send them, but usually they will have calculated that they owe you money, so I'm sure your check will be on the way soon, but write the letter just to be sure.


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Updated: May 25, 2012
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