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AQA Religious Studies A GCSE Wednesday 23rd May 2012

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    Hey guys!

    So, I was wondering if anybody took todays exam and how you all found it?

    I thought the questions were easy enough but that we should be given a little more time - an extra 60 seconds and I would have answered every last question!

    If any of you know the grade boundaries too, it'd be awesome if you could share them so both myself, and others who have taken the exam, can work out roughly what kind of grade they got.

    Thanks x
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    Yes I agree! i found overall the exam questions were pretty much quite easy... general knowledge, and different points of view kind of thing. however, if I did not continue to write quickly throughout the whole paper I wouldn't of got the four lot of questions finished, very hard to fit them all in the time given!
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    I didn't think it was too bad and agree that there wasn't enough time, I got them finished but one of my friends had to leave a few questions because they didn't have enough time
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    Yeah I thought it was easy, too. Especially the marriage questions (I think I did Ethics: Catholicism or w/e icr). And yeah there definitely wasn't enough time, I finished with around 60 seconds to spare, then again I did write loads for some of the Qs on the paper.
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    I loved the paper! Especially the priests ordination, but yeh not enough time,
    Which questions did everyone find hard?
    I found the one on B5 quite hard about the Beatitudes and Commandments
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    Yes, I found it overall quite easy. The only difficultly I had was in Section B, Question B5d. This was the question relating the Beatitudes to the Commandments but I say I got enough points in about it to get near enough full marks.

    I also agree about timing, the exam is very closely timed. I had about 10 seconds to spare at the end of the test to quickly check I had everything done and that was it.

    Overall a very good exam that I was pleased with.
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    I agree one of the biggest challenges of the test is timing but it all worked out fine for me with a few minutes to spare at the end. I found most of the questions extremely doable with the final question in section B5 posing a challenge but luckily I was able to get the standard 6 points

    Overall a nice exam which was set out to be quite doable but the timing could have made a disaster out of you if you didn't keep track of it
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    Did everyone here do Unit 4 Roman Catholicism Ethics? I did, and I found it pretty easy!
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    i did roman Catholicism ethics, piece of cake, going through the paper i knew every question and think i cuda gotten 100%
    I was gonna do b6 but the question on explain christian views on terrorism left me confused, a 3 mark question sure but 6 marks, gtfo!
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    I was wondering how everyone did in this exam?

    I got an A, 2 marks from an A* (SO irritating!)

    How did you all get on?
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    (Original post by Hellokitty112)

    I was wondering how everyone did in this exam?

    I got an A, 2 marks from an A* (SO irritating!)

    How did you all get on?
    I got an A* - 2 off full marks overall
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    can someone post the gcse aqa religious studies b gcse june 2012


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