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What can I do with prawns

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    My mum got me some prawns out of the freezer. I was going to have a jacket potatoe with them like she suggested. I just looked in the cupboard and there are no suitable potatoes!

    So what can I do with them for my tea? I've got all the basics and some veg, rice and pasta.

    I don't mind a bit of spice but I only like mild things.

    They're peeled BTW, and quite big and juicy looking :drool:
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    Stir fry 'em?
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    stir fry or even batter and fry them?!
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    Buy a potatoe.
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    my housemate eats prawns and jacket potatoes, i can't be the only one to find it really bizarre! one of the most british foods you can get with a really exotic food like prawns!

    you could have a nice big salad with them warmed and a sweet chilli dressing
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    Got any sweet chilli sauce?
    1. Fry prawns for a few seconds.
    2. Add any veggies you want to add.
    3. Add sweet chilli sauce

    Really nice with some rice
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    Stir fry with vegetables, make some rice, mix together with a little sauce?
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    (Original post by Zhy)
    Buy a potatoe.
    We have lots of potatoes in the cupbaord but they're either tiny or huge. Plus I was hoping to have something more interesting than just a jacket potatoe and prawns for my tea anyway.
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    No one has prawns and jacket potatoes.

    Stir fry, tempura batter?
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    Aphrodesiac.. nuf said'.
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    plant it
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    I did go for a stir-fry kinda thing with rice (no noodles ) :drool:
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    Stir fry them at high heat with some garlic, wild mushrooms and a splash of oyster sauce. Delish.
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    I've got a gorgeous recipe for prawn curry (very minimal, not many ingredients but it somehow tastes fantastic), so maybe try something Indian next time.
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    (Original post by Clare~Bear)
    They're peeled BTW, and quite big and juicy looking :drool:
    My opinion of prawns matched with the emoticon you put on your post.

    (Original post by clarusblue)
    one of the most british foods you can get with a really exotic food like prawns!
    They are aren't they? :eek: Expansive as hell as well

    But it's still :sogood:
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    Eat them.
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    Skewer them, marinade them, and barbecue.
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    (Original post by allthelove)
    Eat them.
    It's been a week I'm sure she's eaten them by now.
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    (Original post by Beebumble)
    It's been a week I'm sure she's eaten them by now.
    She might of bought some more!


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