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Annoying urge to pee

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    Sounds like an infection yeah, though my bladder does tend to want to empty itself when I can't normally as well, as gets worse before I go on road trips etc.

    But it sounds to me like its not phycological, unless your brain is physically sending urine to your bladder because of a signal its sending out, and far too quickly.
    Or are you going when you get home, even though you are feeling like you are full, and only going a small amount? If you are, I would certainly think an infection.

    I'd still go to the doctors again like people have been saying, and explain it.

    (Original post by Sheep)
    wow dont say that im really worried i might have diabetes already lol

    I have this same problem, peeing lots lately and urge to pee when even though I just went

    I even had some of the other symptoms

    my mum was lecturing me on the phone about the dangers of energy drinks because ive been drinking up to 2 a day for like years lol then i googled diabetes and found i have like 3 main symptoms i was drinking a relentless at the time, poured it down the sink lol

    cba to go to doctors yet though, maybe if i start passing out i will
    I am worrying about the same thing, I have been having a couple of cans of monster per day around revision time. Admittedly I don't really drink it for the rest of the year, but I have been feeling really tired and have needed to pee. Or maybe that is just a side effect of constantly swigging on a 500ml can of liquid.


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Updated: May 25, 2012
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