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How will history books describe the world as it is today?

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    Just curious.

    In the future (say 50 years time) how will history books describe the present day? What will be the defining points of our era and how will they shape the way people look back on them?

    I think globalisation will be the main focus. Global capitalism, travel, trade etc

    What about other events? For example, do you think the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will be conidered a 'success'? Will Health improve in the next 50 years? What do you think the West will be like in 50 years time?
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    Globalisation, National conflict, hysteria, economic insecurity, possible rise of fascism, dictators, desposts and plutocrats, government propaganda, social science, technology.
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    (Original post by MTR_10)
    Will Health improve in the next 50 years? What do you think the West will be like in 50 years time? These guys seem to know
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    Hopefully history will see this era as utterly ****ing retarded because;
    a) The masses (who are stupid) elect people who they like (thus also stupid) to run countries. Because that isn't going to backfire :giggle:
    b) The economy is based around infinite growth. Newsflash - that is not physically possible and has to end at some point.
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    I'll tell you in fifty years.
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    (Original post by AkaJetson) These guys seem to know
    Great site, makes me wish I was alive in a couple of hundred years; we're so primitive.
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    we will be the ones that destoryed the world with our greed for money and abuse of the earth's resources.

    Mostly the US-Americans though, so it isn't all bad news.
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    (Original post by Pitt1988)
    Great site, makes me wish I was alive in a couple of hundred years; we're so primitive.
    Agreed, brilliant site. Took me ages to read it when I first saw it.
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    hopefully they will be saying how the oppressed western peoples of the world threw off the tyranny of globalism and its racist, nu-colonial policy of mass immigration.
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    Better than before.


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Updated: June 1, 2012
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