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No idea on what to do after college (Please read?)

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    Okay so I decided on A levels, before I thought things through properly I applied at my local college to study history, sociology and English language/literature. I was offered a place and told that I would be able to accept the offer in August after I had received my GCSE results.
    My predicted grades are-
    English Lanugage: A
    English Literature: A
    Mathematics: F (They weren't really concerned about this and said I'd be able to re-take maths whilst studying my chosen subjects)
    Health and Social care Double award: Two C's
    Child Development: C
    Food Technology: D (I've always sucked at it!)
    Level 2 in applied science BTEC (I got two pass grades and was told that this was the equivalent to two C grades at GCSE)

    Anyway, my issue is that I recently got my results back from the Health and Social exam I took, I got two C's.
    The problem is my coursework isn't up to scratch and it's already been sent off to the exam board! So I'm pretty sure that I won't get two C's at all as the coursework is worth 60% of my final grades.
    My question is; Will the college accept my BTEC in science as two C grades at GCSE? or am I basically stuffed? The college asks for 5 A*-C grades at GCSE.
    I don't have a problem getting any of the other grades I have been predicted.
    I plan to call the college tomorrow and ask.
    Thanks for any answers in advance!

    Also to add-
    The title is wrong (Sorry guys, kinda tired) I meant after school, haha.
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    Call them and ask. Also you should apply for a BTEC course at college now, just incase you don't get in to do A-Levels.


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