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Acne help? I want to get rid of the damn stuff -.-

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Although eating healthily is good for the skin, in no way does it clear up acne, this is just a myth. Take it from experience, I have eaten healthy foods my whole life and always include fruit and vegetables in my diet, yet I still had acne.

    The only really way to get rid of acne is to visit a dermatologist.
    I second this as I have been suffering from acne myself.

    EDIT: seen people with worse diets and they have the clearest skin. I find it frustrating when people go change your diet! Oh please as if that is the cause...then why is this not the same across the board.

    Not saying what you eat does not effect you skin, but causing acne...this is a myth that even dermatologist disapprove!
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    For people who say that acne is caused by a poor diet - please backup your results with a non-biased clinical study. Of course eating well will help , but by no means cure persistent and moderate-severe acne.

    I went to dermatologist and got prescribed Accutane when I was 19 I think following years of failed treatments. This is since cleared my acne permanently and I do not take any pills or use any creams. There were quite a few side effects which are explained to you before you take it, but for the most part, I think it was very well worth it.
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    (Original post by luce20)
    Talk to Naomi...I presume shes still in Sheffield???

    If you didn't get what I put above...in other words do one.)
    I'm sorry

    Itd be nice to talk to you though. Kinda still miss the old conversation even after all this time.
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    Try Accutane and avoid picking.Also steam your face everyday if you can

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    (Original post by luce20)
    Talk to Naomi...I presume shes still in Sheffield???

    If you didn't get what I put above...in other words do one.)
    Look its just i cant rest easy if i dont know your OK. I know i was wrong, i know i didnt treat you fair. I also dont want you to hate me. If id of handled things differently maybe wed still at the very least be friends.

    As for Naomi i havent spoke to her in 2 and a half years. I couldnt tell you were she is, whos shes with or even how old she is. She doesnt even feature in my most random of thoughts. You are in my thoughts daily. No exaggeration. No flattery.

    The only reason i worry is that every boyfriend you seem to have finished with has ended with hate, silence and isolation. I've spent the last year or so around people who have actually been in worse circumstances than us and yet have ended still being friends.

    All im asking is to have an open mind.

    Were busy people in completely different directions and with different people now, thats life. What isnt life is cutting out everything that at first look and on the surface doesnt work.

    Surely it says something that unlike other people you've known im not so prepared to abandon you? So many others have just left and not bothered to keep in touch. I refuse to be that person. I think your are one of the best individuals ive ever met and it would be a shame if hate and the past ruin which, if the relationship is put aside, was two people who did get along quite well.

    I want you to seriously think about what ive said and not just dismiss it. There are a lot of negatives to talking to me, i dont deny that, however you cant list all the downs without the upsides.

    Heres one to get you started. You gain an extra friend.

    As always, i look forward to hearing from you and you know how to get in touch if you choose to.


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    I have had acne for 30 years.... tried loads...including diets frm a specialist. Only thing that cured it in ny late 20s was roaccutaineas it dramatically reduces the amount of sebum produced.. Lasted about six years and now I have gradually got it back. ..im now 43 and still fighting it. Trying tetracycline but dnt hold much hope. May go back on roaccutaine. ...but is age now a risk I ask myself?
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    I was on it a year. U need that long.

    QUOTE=Millie228;39955392]Yeah, the thing is, even a shorter course will get rid of it, but you need a longer one for the effect to be permanent.
    I had really bad acne when I was 13-14, up to around 16. I know for a fact that it is genetic, my mother had it up till her 20s, my sister as well (in fact she had until she went at Roaccutane at 25). Of course a poor diet/hygiene etc makes it worse, but for most people who really struggle with acne, a lifestyle change doesn't matter (I use premium skincare and am very healthy). I'm sure you already know this, but some people don't.

    I did Roaccutane for about 2 months and it really worked. However it started to come back and another dermatologist told me I should have used it for a longer time. So make sure the Doctor knows that you know that you need a longer dose.[/QUOTE]
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    (Original post by Classical Liberal)
    ohh yeah, my point is that there are forces at work trying to influence peoples diets masquerading as being a health concern campaign. It is the classic example of do gooders promoting something on the one hands and special interest groups backing them.

    My personal experience firstly. And the evidence from studies. And the logic of how milk is produced and is digested.

    http://www.naturalnews.com/024613_milk_acne_blood.html - This link refers to genuine studies and the like.
    I realise this thread is a year old but
    Natural news :facepalm:
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    My acne was never really that bad, but it just didn't want to go away. Not even for a day. PanOxyl and Benzacne worked for me great
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    I want to go on Roaccutane but I have extreme difficulty swallowing pills...I think it might be a psychological problem (fear of choking). Is there a cream form of it?
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    Where is the scientific evidence that says your diet is linked to acne?
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    Try Gladskin, and try to keep your face clean!
    Gladskin works great for me!


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