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your 'most entertaining' footballers?

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    who are the players that entertain you most? given the variety on here, we should have some interesting choices! let them be from any time span, and maybe justify your selections. i'll start:

    Goalkeepers - Petr Cech has almost never failed to amaze me. Honorary mentions include Oliver Kahn for his sheer determination between the posts, as well as David Seaman for his career of ups and downs.

    Side/wingback - I miss watching Emmanuel Eboue. Also, Ashley Cole has never disappointed me, and neither have Coentrao or the legendary Roberto Carlos.

    Box-to-box midfielder - Gattuso was the man. Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer, despite their infamous incident, also consistently impressed, while Joey Barton has made an impact (for good or for bad) wherever he's gone. Football needs characters like Barton; he represents much more than a rough midfielder, in that he is something of a working class hero.

    Winger - Nani is fun to watch. Also, David Beckham. I still watch LA Galaxy matches just to see what he can still do, and I never believed those who said he was overrated. On that note, I never understood the El Hadji Diouf-phobia, as many footballers are controversial athletes on and off the pitch.

    Playmaker/10'er - Paul Gascoigne, or Gazza, orchestrated the games he played. My personal favourite may still remain Juninho though.

    Forward/striker - Something about Andy Carroll has always kept me from criticising him. His goal ratio may not have been impressive at Liverpool so far, but to me he's a good target man. Others include Ibrahimovic, who has a real pitch presence, and as much as I dislike him as a person, Suarez for his quick-witted play. Lastly, Adebayor is an entertaining watch, do you not think?

    feel free to add players from any position!
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    Barton: A **** that everyone hates.

    Balotelli: A loveable ****.
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    i guess controversial athletes are always fun to watch.
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    Cristiano Ronaldo and Eric Cantona. Maybe I enjoyed them more being a United supporter but I think their style and contraversy made them all the more intriguing to watch even for neutrals.
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    (Original post by JaggySnake95)

    Balotelli: A loveable ****.
    Nah he's just a ****. See: Arsenal game.
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    Crisitiano Ronaldo. Dressing like a woman and buying himself a baby. Weird ****.
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    Ronaldinho back when he was the best player in the world did some truly amazing things with the ball. Also Manuel Neuer for just his sheer cockiness, the guy looks like he was born with a cheeky smug on his face.
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    Balotelli off the pitch is just an amazing character.

    On the pitch, Thierry Henry, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane and Dani Alves are ones I enjoy(ed) watching.
    Another favourite of mine was Freddie Ljungberg, he was class.
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    (Original post by willbee)
    Crisitiano Ronaldo. Dressing like a woman and buying himself a baby. Weird ****.
    The baby is his...
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    The most entertaining player to watch ever was Ronaldinho. By a long, long distance.

    Second is probably Cafu for me.
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    I've never enjoyed watching someone play football more than Thierry Henry. He made the game look effortless on his day.

    Zidane is a close 2nd.

    As for present day players, Van Persie for his ludicrous ability to volley a football.
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    Has to be Ronaldinho, no?

    And from the little I've seen of him, I think Neymar will be the one to take up the mantle after moving to Europe.
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    Luis figooo
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    beardsley. I'm only 24 so he was a little bit before my time really, but the videos of him don't lie. surely the most underrated english player ever, like a cross between quasimodo and lionel messi.
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    Bosingwa's unibrow never fails to capture my gaze.
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    Call me biased but Beckham is one of the reasons that I love football as much as I do.

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    (Original post by Cheese_Monster)
    Bosingwa's unibrow never fails to capture my gaze.
    :laugh: word.
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    Gattuso is not a box-to-box midfielder.
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    Dennis Bergkamp. The greatest Premier League player ever in my opinion. He was a genuis, and could do things other footballers can only dream of.

    Two footed footballer, excellent first touch, great finisher, decent in the air. Scored some wonderful goals, especially the hat-trick against Leicester (who I support).
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    David Pizarro, Ali Bernarbia, Elano, Berbatov off the top of my head. There's just something about a player in the side for technique and creativity alone.


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