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Can I get a B in GCSE English Language, doing Foundation exam?

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    As the thread title suggests, I'm doing GCSE English (language) and am going to sit my exam next week.

    I'm taking it with AQA and sitting it under the Foundation tier, partly just to play it safe, but also, because my tutor advised me that it's still possible to gain an overall B, despite not sitting the Higher exam.

    I did reasonably well in my coursework/controlled assessments, generally performing to a B standard, (6 Bs and 2 Cs) and was told that because of this, a B was "perfectly possible", as long as I do well in the exam, and get enough marks. However, when I more recently asked for more detail, she has gone on to tell me that she is not sure if this is the case or not.

    Before anyone says, I do know the general idea of Higher being A*-C and Foundation being C and below, but I've heard so many varying theories on this, that I wanted to check if there is anyone in the know on here.

    My assumption is that the C restriction in Foundation applies only to the exam itself, rather than the actual GCSE overall, since the coursework is not tiered. By this logic, I would assume that provided one has enough marks prior to the exam, (around 94 in my case) they could obtain a B overall by sitting Foundation, but would require a substantially higher pass in the exam, gaining around 80-90% of the marks.

    And before you suggest I sit the Higher tier, I've asked and apparently she's put everyone in Foundation and it can't be changed. (sounds a bit dubious to me)

    Anyway, I digress, but if anyone knows and can share, it would be appreciated.
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    (Original post by Alex1986)
    I did foundation GCSE Spanish which was limited to a C grade or below, however with coursework it brought some peoples grades up to a B.

    I would assume that it was the same for your GCSE, however it depends on a lot of things.

    Does your teacher not know?
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    You can get a b overall like i did as the exam goes to an C however the course goes up to an A* so aslong as you get high C and a few B on the course work you would get an overall B
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    (Original post by daniya12)
    the highest grade you can get in any foundation gcse grade is a C, so no you wouldnt be able to get a B
    This isn't true, you can sit a foundation exam and get a high C and if there is controlled assesments/coursework in the subject that you're got higher on it is possible to achieve a B
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    You can easily get a grade B,doing a foundation paper.You need 70% overall and getting full marks in the foundation paper,will mean you only need just over 70% to get a B and if you get less on the paper,then you need more on your coursework.
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    I've been told the same thing that in the language exam you can get a B in F
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    The highest grade you can get in foundation is a C one mark off a B.
    If your coursework is overall a B then yes it's possible.
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    The highest grade you can get on a foundation paper is a C.
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    (Original post by daemonium)
    The highest grade you can get on a foundation paper is a C.
    yh the highest grade you can get for foundation exam is C however you can get Grade A Aswell just be getting A* in the coursework and A* in speaking and listening and a High C in the exam
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    Hi, yes u can get a grade B if you get 210 or more marks overall
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    If your coursework is to a high standard then yes, If it's like science where the ISA's bring your grade up.
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    I just finished year 11 and i did edexcel GCSE english language,my teacher told all of us to do foundation,my coursework was a B and in the exam i got a C overall i got a B,yes u can get a b as long as you do good in the exam ,you should be fine.
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    What are the highest UMS points you can get on AQA foundation English Language?
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    Hi guys
    I recently did the aqa english paper in which i got 113 (equivalent mark) so i got a C but my english controlled assessment is at an A yet they gave me C overall should I send it in for a remark or nah?
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    I got a grade 'B' on an English foundation paper. Would it have been possible to get an 'A'?
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    Yes like 'Tarquin2a' said it can be possible
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    (Original post by ubi1)
    yh the highest grade you can get for foundation exam is C however you can get Grade A Aswell just be getting A* in the coursework and A* in speaking and listening and a High C in the exam
    what if you got an A in your coursework, can I still get an A overall.


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