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What will you do to celebrate the end of your exams?

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    For me, I'm always going to be worried about results day, but I think at the end, I'll kick back and regain what little remains of my social life. My 18th is coming up, but I have an exam straight after that, so once that one's done, I shall be celebrating.

    Probs try and chill for a few weeks and get my head straight. I'll sleep till late, watch TV all day, shop, and eat. Sounds like the good life.
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    Get very drunk, as I always do.
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    Enjoy this weather if it lasts,catch up with friends,sleep,perhaps shred the notes of certain subjects..not really sure yet,still trapped in the thickets of exams/revision..ness.
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    Two hours after my last exam and I'll be on the way to the south of France for a week with the guys, can't wait.

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    I have to rush off to work after my last exam tomorrow and most of my friends dont finish exams until next week. How boring
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    cry until results day
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    Work and save money for car / lessons in August after my birthday. Do work experience. Go fishing for the first time this year. And have a barbeque that is lit using all those subject notes I'll never need again, RE, French, English etc.
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    Create a huge ditch, create a fire and put all my notes and books in it. Best stress-reliever ever.
    And then resort to sleeping as much as I can to make up for the number of hours lost during all-nighters.
    Then calling all my friends and have a huge house party.

    Until...university starts. And then all Hell breaks loose.
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    Dig myself a hole, crawl into it with nothing but food and mope until results day.
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    My last exam was yesterday, and I finished at 3.30pm. My friends and I started drinking at 4pm, so feeling a little tender today!
    Going out tonight, recovering tomorrow, working Saturday and Sunday and then seeing my boyfriend on Sunday night for the first time in 2 months :love:
    Then starting Monday I'll be back to my normal routine of gym/work and then after half-term I'm shadowing at a local secondary school
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    Probably going to relax with a tasty glass of orange juice and a few games of Solitare.
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    Got sh*tfaced on the last day of Year 13, will get sh*tfaced on the last day after exams, will get sh*tfaced on Results' Day
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    My friend's mum's wedding is just after my last exam, I'm very much looking forward to drinking in the sun with lots of friends and family in Oxford

    And then I'm going to play minecraft for roughly a week.
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    I finished my exams yesterday and I went to the pub briefly with my friends, went shopping, made some pizza, went out with people from my course that I'd never spoken to, left early and got a curry.
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    See my boyfriend.
    Get drunk.
    Get high.

    Finish tomorrow :awesome:
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    I've got a punting trip after my (I)GCSEs finish (I live in Cambridge) with some friends
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    Partay!! :P
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    I finished yesterday and decided to go on a 12 mile walk in the blistering heat when I got home after my last exam. It wasn't to celebrate; I just felt lost when I got home and had absolutely nothing to do. I figured I have the time, my friends haven't finished their exams yet, I haven't been to the place where I grew up in a long while so why don't I walk there?! :ahee: It was a brilliant experience. Got there just as my sister finished work so that was my ride home sorted. :ahee:
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    I intend to eat a lot of chocolate that has been building up over the last few months and to drink a lot of alcohol, inevitably.

    Also going to bring my PS2 to uni and play the first 3 Spyros again. I've been listening to Spyro theme music instead of doing revision for too long now.

    Also general guitar playing, eating, sleeping and relaxing. All of the fun things you can't really do during exam period

    5 days to go...


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