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Family want me to work in the business

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    I'm 20 and I'm facing a huge dilemma. My family are persistent on me working in the family business - I dropped out of college a few years ago but want to go back this September to do an access course alongside one A Level - this, in itself, is a lot of work and I presume that once I start they'll still want me to do some part time (which really means full time) work in the business. My mum kept talking about it this morning and they are almost trying to lure me in to the idea - she said that if I were to work in the business full time she would buy me a car and pay for everything, but I do not want to be so damn dependent on my parents and they don't understand I really want to make something of myself. I find it hard to tell my dad my plans because I feel he doesn't believe I can do it. I started an access course last year, but ended up working every day that I wasn't in college and had a mental breakdown so in the end I just couldn't do it. I WANT to make it work this time, but without being tied down in the business at the same time. The only way I feel I can achieve this is if I tell them I'll be in college 5 days a week, so I'm able to help them on Saturday and that's it, but would they find out I'm lying? I'm currently working 6 days a week - I hate it. Please help.
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    Do what feels right for you.

    If you wanna go back to college, go.

    If you wanna work in the business, then go right ahead.

    Make sure you make the right decision.


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