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I am new here..

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    Hi, I'm the Marshall and a new member on the student forums. I finally found a website where students could actually talk without being moderated and teachers talking. Finally we are given are a chance to speak. We are after all, the future of this country. Please do not be put off by my historical knowledge or whatever.

    I'm a dedicated Historian, I love history, watching loads of movies, and playing the total war games( I'm sure there are some fans of the total war seires around here) if you don't get what I mean, it's a game series.

    I also intend to become a film director, Like Clint Eastwood, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg and Akria Kurosawa. Including Autoshish Gowariker.( These are film directors, the forgeins are Japanese and Indian). I intend to make Epic movies and direct them.

    I am a writer, not established as of yet, But I'm on this great new website, Writing.com. It's AN EXCELLENT platform to those writers who want to get noticed published, though its in Amercia.

    I once used to be a screenwriter, I abanonded it as it was too difficult to write.

    In short, thats me!:cool:
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!

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    Hi there


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