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Student Finance Confusion (child nursing)

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    Hi there,

    I'm having a bit of confusion sorting out my student finance and nobody seems able to help me.

    I'm applying for Child Nursing at Herts to start in September, and I understand that I'm eligible for NHS funding and a reduced student loan from SFE.

    I've added all the information they need and it still says "to be completed"...

    Anyone else in my boat? How did you resolve this?

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    have u filled in student finace from ?? i had this prob but got my declaration through the other day did have give them a ring though . hope u get sorted xx
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    Where it says about uni fees being charged makesure you put the amount to £0, that's what I got wrong x
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    oh, i submitted it with it saying £1 lol, ill have to give them a call or see if i can change it online (but the website currently isnt working). i filled in the form and then it said i needed to provide evidence that i was eligable for an NHS bursary, but i dont currently have this.. I looked on the bursary website and they said that the university will pass my details onto them and then they will email me so that i can apply for it, but i havent heard from NHS yet... im so confused x
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    I haven't heard anything about bursaries either, it's so cOnfusing!! Xx
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    i just gave them a ring, spoke to lovely man called mark lol, he said universities are currently in the process of sending details onto them of people who will be on the course, and between now and end of july we will receive letters asking us to apply.. if we're eligable, theyll then send a notification letter which we need to forward to student finance to prove to them, but we should be able to submit the form for now and it wont cause any problems xx
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    I am going to be studying Adult Nursing in Plymouth from September. I was sent a letter ages ago from Plymouth saying that you can start to fill in your bursary application on the NHS BSA website now. I have done it and just need to send off the evidence etc. you can apply by filling in the BOSS form on the page below:


    Hope that helps
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    HELLO! im doing Radiography, but i think the same loan policy thing applies to me too, but i just got my letter of deceleration today,
    but it says my maintenance loan will be £0.00 ................ it says i am entitled to just over 2 thousand, but overall i will get nothing.
    can anyone help me on that lol?


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