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    Right, I'm trying to devise a menu. I'm cooking for my boyfriend and I'm after a simple, fresh but still sophisticated and classy. I was wondering if any of you chiefs could give me a few thoughts to play with.

    Drinking red wine of some kind, my partner loves it so that's done.

    Starter: ?

    Main: Chicken breast filled with cream cheese and basil covered with pancetta with tenderstem broccoli and baby herb potatoes

    Desert: Strawberries dipped in chocolate alternative between white and milk chocolate drizzled with the opposite chocolate with sparkling white wine

    It's a light meal and I can't think of a starter that will follw suit. He's not big on fish so that rules that out. I did think maybe baked camembert with different jams and bread but then it would have been more cheese..

    Hmm. Help please! Thanks

    And any other ideas you might have would be handy to hear too.
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    If chicken is the main course, you don't want anything too overpowering for the starter, probably something like a sweet potato and chorizo soup, some kind of light waldorf salad concoction, maybe some mini puff pastry cripsy bacon parcels with a dip.

    Fish is the obvious answer, but as you say he doesn't like that.
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    How about a bruchetta? Very easy to make, quick to do and you can adapt any recipe for your own preference
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    Aww, I thought you meant starter *pokemon*...

    (Bruschetta are nice, and easy!)
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    Halloumi is a nice starter... on a rocket salad with avocado/mango and balsamic dressing. Otherwise there are the classics like paté or french onion soup but they might be quite heavy especially in this weather.
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    Mushrooms in breadcrumbs with something like garlic mayo or sour cream to dip them in.

    Pate on toast.

    You say he doesn't like fish but what about stuff like prawns or mussels? My boyfriend is very fussy with fish but likes prawns and mussels! If so, what about filo wrapped/ breadcrumbed prawns and sweet chilli dip? Or mussels in a garlic butter herb sauce?
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    Tomato Bruschetta is a good call, light and fresh and starts off a meal nicely.

    Some sort of soup, maybe carrot? Or salad, like Greek?

    Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus

    Chargrilled vegetable salad
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    How about this for a starter: Go on the table and start taking your clothes off while provocatively sucking on a lollipop.
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    Dani, the meal is probably over with now . . .

    What did you make in the end OP?
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    I'd have gone with some antipasti... some mozarella, sundried tomatoes, bit of rocket and some bread with some cured italian meats.
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    (Original post by Clare~Bear)
    Dani, the meal is probably over with now . . .

    What did you make in the end OP?
    Good point :P
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    Sorry I've been offline for a while! Thank you for your ideas. I've a few things to play with now. The meal is this Friday I just wanted to start planning in advance. I should have been spending the weekend with him but because work have messed me about in having to drive four hours up to him and the same back down the following day. Fun fun fun. I'll get back to you all once I've finally made a decision, there's a couple in toying between and let you know how it goes down. Thanks again!


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