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what happened to mark lamar (sp).?????

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    on never mind the buzzcocks, its such a great show and very funny..................but what happened to mark lamar i saw the advert for teh new series and he's not presenting it anymore and instead it's jonathan ross who is so not funny:confused: :mad:
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    WHAT? Seriously? Jebus, Jonathon Ross is everywhere these days. Mark Lamarr made that show, his nasty little comments all those crappy pop bands/artists were so funny :laugh:
    Don't see why they'd replace him, or why he'd quit for that matter. The show will only go downhill from here then. Are you sure it wasn't a special? Or for some reason they swapped seats like they sometimes do? lol
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    nah i checke dthe listings and they say that jonathan ross is a guest presenter...don't tell me buzzcoks is going to turn into that newspaper analysis comdey program..forgot the name:confused:
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    Ah that is cack.
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    (Original post by za4r)
    nah i checke dthe listings and they say that jonathan ross is a guest presenter...don't tell me buzzcoks is going to turn into that newspaper analysis comdey program..forgot the name:confused:
    Have I got news for you. But that's brilliant! It's just NMTB had it's own thing going. It was just weird and usually based around them ripping the piss out of the people in the lineup, or rubbish old forgotten bands, which was tres amusant.
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    Jonathon Ross is appalling,I watched it last night and quite frankly it was upsetting, I'm used to buzzcocks bringing tears to my eyes, but tears of laughter not mourning! Bring back Lamarr!
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    this cant be true. mark lamar made that program what it is. its nothing without him.

    is jonathan 'rent a presenter' ross gonna do it every week or r they having different ones each week??
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    yeah i noticed cos i wanted it last night and thought huh!
    where the hell is mark.
    i miss him
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    But if hes a guest presenter maybe mark will be back last year?

    I didnt think ross ws that bad last night, Jupoter makes up for it enough
    Didnt think some of the guests were that great.. I mean the women from GMTV and some guy from the mitchell brothers.. Not funny.
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    They had Simon Amstell on it the other night and I thought he was pretty good at it... its shrouded in mystery though! Oooh...
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    Heh, He wasnt to bad.. He has tht whole cocky arrogance bit like lemar.. But I bit more nicer Looks like its guest presenters this time then.


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Updated: March 22, 2006
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