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Could you kill if really pushed to the limit?

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  • View Poll Results: if someone attacked you and you feared for your life, would you brick his head in?

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    not trying to be a cool kid or anything but I honestly don't place that much value on life in the first place

    I mean there's 7 billion people on the planet, millions of people could die one day and it wouldn't really make a difference lol

    Everyone dies eventually, it's just natural, doubt they really care about life once they are dead

    I don't think I would have a problem with killing someone but I definitely wouldn't do it without a very good reason
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    I think I would try to, though I'd probably brick it.
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    I have no idea, I don't think I have it in me, but who knows what I'd do under that sort of pressure...
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    Most people would defend the lives of themselves/family if push came to shove - the law allows for that too in terms of 'reasonable force' . If an assailant has a lethal weapon, using a brick would be perfectable reasonable
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    (Original post by The Entity)
    OK, say your being attacked...this guy is mental...really hurting you yeah.

    There's a brick near you, could you pick it up and kill said attacker?
    I've seen enough episodes of Deadliest Warrior to kill him a thousand times over with that brick.

    Seriously though, I doubt I'd hesitate to grab the brick and smash him across the head with it. I wouldn't try and incapacitate him until the police arrived, just go for it.

    Of course, I might be overestimating how much of a badass I am, so truthfully I don't know. I'd like to think I could protect myself, friends or family against an attacker.
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    If someone had killed/was trying to kill myself or my family I would respond as best I could,in self defense and anger probably but that doesn't mean I could kill them,not sure I would have the strength,if I say had to beat them with a break,especially if they had a gun or a knife I probably wouldnt survive.
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    Reading the responses I think it is apparent a lot of people think they are capable of murder, and probably would freely do so if there werent any reprocussions.
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    Who the **** wouldn't kill?!
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    Is it really bad that the first thing I thought of was the Hunger Games? XD
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    I'd kill someone if there was no other option. But if I had the opportunity to say hit them with the brick knock them out or incapacitate them and run I would do that.
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    If you'd push me to Click image for larger version. 

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    I think everyone has that survival urge and if its triggered would kill in order to survive, protect etc. i can honestly say if it was a choice between me and this person attacking me i would kill them.
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    (Original post by Converse Rocker)
    I've seen enough episodes of Deadliest Warrior to kill him a thousand times over with that brick.


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