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Nursing Book Recommendations?

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    Hello all, I'm starting adult nursing this year, I was wondering what current student nurses recommend i could read before i start uni? Or would be good to have whilst studying? I'd like both academic books and books based on nurses experiences (if that makes sense!). Any help would be great thanks
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    hey i wouldnt go mad buying lots of books as some uni are quite picky and you will get a reading list when you start. Some basics are: Ross & Wilson anatomy and physiology, BNF, nurses dictionary, student nurse handbook, drug calculations, clinical skill book such as royal marsden. Experience books: there are all the older day ones like sister sister which are good for seeing what it was like back in the day, nurse nurse a student account of their training, although not nursing ive read confessions of a gp, blood sweat and tea, the a&e doctor one, they are good at looking at a different viewpoint of healthcare with some good stories x


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Updated: May 24, 2012
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