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Is this to skinny?

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    (Original post by Anonymous)

    Idk. White box covering that area just seemed appropriate.
    It makes it look like your hiding something, like a penis.
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    yeah you need to put on weight.

    (Original post by Anonymous)

    Idk. White box covering that area just seemed appropriate.
    lol by the way you need to gain more weight to tone up, if that's what you want to do.
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    Glad others dont think i'm insanely thin, maybe my family just like teasing me about my weight.

    (Original post by Oh my Ms. Coffey)
    It makes it look like your hiding something, like a penis.
    Oh There's no Penis in that region.
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    if people are teasing you about your weight it's almost certainly because they are jealous. if they genuinely meant it negatively, then they wouldn't say anything. my girlfriend teases me for having a small penis, which is exactly how i know that i don't have a small penis. if i did then she wouldn't tease me, because she would know that it's a sensitive area (zing!) and wouldn't want to upset me. if people bring up something "negative" then it's usually a good sign.

    regardless, i do think you could do with putting on a little bit of weight. you don't NEED to, but it would help you to look a little better, and feel a lot better about yourself.
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    no. it's teasing. joking within context. nobody says bad things about people they care about. if they do then they're probably kidding and dont mean it.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Your waist-hip ratio is encouraging.

    If I were to impregnate you, I would be more than confident in your ability to bear our child.

    But as for your original point: your weight is fine.
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    Yea you are too skinny imo, you are probably ok how you are now if you are happy with it but do not try to lose any more weight. I would advise to put a bit of weight on, I don't know maybe 10 pounds or so just use your common sense.
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    It really just depends on your build.
    It seems to me that you're just a naturally slim person but maybe you need to gain a little weight - unless you're sucking in? . I'm 5,5 and weight 8,4 and I can see and feel my ribs, but not to that extent, I guess

    You've said you have had problems in the past with your attitude to food, and believe me I think a woman would be lying if they said they were perfectly happy with their body. Of course - it is ok to have that attitude, it just appears we're programmed to constantly scrutinise ourselves.

    Essentially, your BMI is the most important thing to judge it on. If you're the teeniest bit under, that's ok but if you're severely under, then do something about it. Just type into Google - 'BMI calculator'.

    Don't let something so trivial get in the way of your happiness. I know it's cliché and I sound really patronising when I say this - but just be thankful to have food

    Talk to someone close to you and maybe show them the pictures and get an objective, outside view. The way we see our body changes day to day - seriously, you're not alone in that.

    One day I hate one part of my body because I think it's too fat, the next day it's a completely different part. Talk to someone close to you and get it off your chest. You'll be surprised just how common insecurities are in women!

    This is coming from a teenager, just in case I sound rather naive or something...
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Glad others dont think i'm insanely thin, maybe my family just like teasing me about my weight.

    Oh There's no Penis in that region.
    There might be, I dont know whats in the box, it could be a dick in the box.
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    Your BMI is 18.6 which is healthy but only just so I wouldn't lose any weight if I were you. On the positive you like fine to me.
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    You certainly don't need to loose any weight! You need to be careful because the binge/diet cycle can really take hold after a while and usually ends up with you being far too thin or overweight! And yes it can cause you to be overweight as you completely screw over your metabolism.

    As a previous reply also pointed out, to tone up you may find you need to gain some weight, that's what I am currently trying to do at the minute.

    I would most definitely ignore people's comments. People wouldn't tease if it were out of worry so I am 99% certain that they are just jealous or generally just taking the micky!

    Be careful though, you are not far off being underweight as far as BMI is concerned.
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    I'm the same but I'm 5'9...so yeah, I think you're fine.
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    I think you're fine but you should keep an eye on your weight to make sure it doesn't go down too much in the future. It is possible to be slightly "underweight" and be healthy though, do you have a small frame? Before I went on the pill at 17 I was 98lbs (I'm 5'2) which was underweight but I was perfectly healthy. I've put on weight since and I'm now in the normal weight range at 108lbs. Never been on a diet in my life, I just have a small frame. I don't even look that skinny.

    As long as you're eating a good diet and not obsessing over calories I think you'll be fine
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    I have a body very similar, although I think yours is actually a lil' better! :p:

    No, you're not too skinny, but you don't need to lose any weight either.

    Also, your relationship with food doesn't sound healthy or happy. You shouldn't be obsessed by it and binging/starving cycles sound more like a borderline eating disorder than a barrel of laughs. It's different if that's just how your appetite is, but if you're feeling anxious about food then I think you should try to nip that anxiety and these behaviours in the bud.

    Neither do you sound very happy with your appearance, which is daft because a) you have a great body which a lot of people would envy, b) when you're 60 you will look back and think "phwoar I was fit" now's your one chance to appreciate being a ****ing sexy 20 something, if you can't feel good now, looking like that - then who can??
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    You look fine

    Do you feel healthy? Do you have energy to do what you need to do each day? If so, there is no problem.

    I used to be 'normal' weight for my height and I felt terrible. I changed my diet (grains were causing me to become ill), lost weight and now I feel fine! Yeah, I am skinnier and 'underweight' (according to BMI) but I feel good, so I do not care.
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    Looking good! Although I'd go to see the doctor about that white box, doesn't look healthy
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    Naaw girl you look fine. I was expecting some scrawny, bony thing but you look great. You're slim but not bony or skinny, and have a waistline. So you're good
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Anon or detele.

    Firstly: This isn't an attention seeking thread.

    I’ve had issues with my weight in the past, I use to restrict the amount of calories I consumed because not only did I feel fat, but I thought by some silly logic, becoming skinny would transform me and make me more appealing (Like I said, silly borderline stupid logic). Anyway, I thought I was past that, but I find myself binge eating and then skipping meals.

    My family have always made comments about my weight, jokingly calling me anorexic (I’m not) and telling me that I’ll blow away in the wind :rolleyes: I don’t think I’m that skinny, I think im fine, I’m happy with the way I am right now, but comments from friends and family are playing back in my head. I want to loose some weight and tone up a bit, but after hearing some of the comments from people i'm begining to think maybe i need to put on weight instead of loosing any. What do you think? I don't trust my own judgement right now, i have days when i feel like a whale and days when i think 'Ughh! thats too bony'.

    Also i'm wondering, are you suppose to see your ribs? I can faintly see my ribs, is that normal? If i run my finger down my ribs, i can easily count how many bones there are without putting pressure on my skin.

    Ok, enough rambling. Is this skinny/chubby/skinny-fat etc.

    105 pounds (Last time I checked which was a few weeks ago)

    Of course not. I am 5' 5'' / 100 pounds. As long as your hormonal status is balanced you are ok. That is the only thing you should take care for. Also, the ideal weight is the one you feel iy's best for you.


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