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Are exams getting easier?

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    (Original post by annony)
    If anyone has ever sat AQA physics A-level exams, they will totally agreee (unless you are a genius) but that is a representation that exams are NOT getting easier but they are getting more CRAZY HARD!

    If anyone has sat F325 OCR chemistry A, Alevel exam (module 5) its pretty tough the cleverest girl in my year got 95/100!
    She did physics probably worked 10 TIMES as hard (no joke) I got a C.. its the STUPID board and the stupid subject! literally IMPOSSIBLE
    I think for unit 4 this is certainly the case
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    As people have mentioned I think it's difficult to say categorically, as looking at past papers alone doesn't necessarily tell you anything about what the specification was. But I think some GCSEs contain some stupidly easy questions. I was invigilating an IT exam a few weeks ago and one question asked what sort of software you would use if you wanted to type a letter... and it was multiple choice! A Levels however I would say are still quite rigorous. I now teach languages and when I compare A Level French and Spanish papers to those I sat 10 years ago, there isn't much difference in terms of question style and expectations. But I can't speak for any other subjects.
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    lol when i sat the ocr a level bio paper unit 5 the mark for an A was 60 %

    how can a paper where u need 60% to get an A be considered easy

    Exams are getting harder, due to the ability of students to memorise 30-40 past exam papers which was not possible pre internet due to limited resources to students

    cant believe that bbc and govt are so thick


    Ps: although ocr is very inconsistent they had the unit 3 paper which was terrifically easy i only started the module 8 days prior and got 96 %
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    Yes, they are without a doubt. One of my teachers scoffed at how exams are 'being dumbed down so much'. It's not surprising in this age of increase technology and increasing intellectual passivity and inactivity amongst the young - surely one would rather watch 'Prison Break' than put a bit of work into their maths homework paper?
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    Utter rubbish! Exams are not gettint easier but people are getting brighter and with good teachers teaching them. But the exams in the UK are far more easier than, say, in India.
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Updated: June 30, 2012
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