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Rajesh Koothrapalli of The Big Bang Theory

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    Honestly, I think Rajesh Koothrapalli is the worst character of the show and I'm surprised that he came out as the 2nd most popular character on the TSR poll of The Big Bang Theory Appreciation Society.

    I don't like his accent (particularly when he sings) or his inability to speak to women. Also, he is more awkward than the other characters. Why is he still popular? Just because he's a foreigner?

    By the way I'm Indian, so I don't know if I'm biased against him.
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    He is popular becauses he oozes personality.
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    (Original post by Dekota-XS)
    He is popular becauses he oozes personality.
    How? He has the personality of a flat pancake!
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    Personally, I think Sheldon is the best character. Then, possibly Leonard... but to be honest the other three are equal after Sheldon!
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    (Original post by stupefy!)
    Personally, I think Sheldon is the best character. Then, possibly Leonard... but to be honest the other three are equal after Sheldon!
    What about Penny?
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    Raj has some fantastic one liners.
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    His surname is impressive He has some good one-liners and it's funny that he needs alcohol to talk to women :lol:
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    I didn't like him at first, but I've definitely warmed towards him. My favourite characters are Sheldon and Howard.
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    I'd have to say the worst is Amy ..
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    Howard's mum is the best!
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    (Original post by thomaskurian89)
    What about Penny?
    I think Penny is her best when around Sheldon!
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    I honestly prefer Amy to Sheldon :L I love her she's even more awkward than him ^^ my least favourite is Leonard.
    Imo it goes

    Amy>Sheldon>Penny>Rajesh>Howard> Leonard
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    He's popular because he's curvy and he owns it.
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    I totally agree. I think he's really annoying and his character is really flat and repetitive. We get it - he can't talk to women when sober and he's a romantic.
    Also I don't think the actor playing is very good.
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    I like him. Leonard is the worst (of the main 4) by far. Howard is my favourite.
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    For me it goes; Howard/Sheldon, Raj then Leonard.
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    "Let's bounce, *****es!" /thread.
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    The stuff with his parents is really good... 'the closest thing we have to a daughter-in-law is that little Jewish boy'.
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    (Original post by Aramiss18)
    Raj has some fantastic one liners.

    And his accent, :fan:
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    That show has taught me a lot, I love Sheldons "academia" and Penny "not graduating from college" aha
    The indian boy who can't talk to women :/ and Howard, the sexbomb (apparently)
    ... :3
    Sheldon is the pivotal character there (the big bang theory would not be the same if Sheldon died or something) - highly unlikely

    *Funny scene: I own Leonard Nimoys DNA???*
    Then its Howard (not really, its his Mum aha) *wonder what she looks like* (thinking cap on)
    then Raj and Leonard :/
    Oh, and yeh and Penny.

    Meh, the shows aight as it is :/
    Remember Sheldons cousin "from rehab" aha
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