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Ccea additional maths

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    Anyone doing NICCEA Add maths next week?

    How are you revising for it? Any thoughts?
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    I am! And I am dreading it, I can do the pure and statistics alright but my mechanics is woeful!
    I'm revising for pure right now, but after doing 2011 four times and 2008 twice I think it's time I print off some more past papers...
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    at least you can get past papers - loads of them!

    Mechanics is terrible, hope I do well on Pure on monday
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    I remember doing those exams two years ago - the mechanics one was my first GCSE exam!

    Good luck to everyone.
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    Tomorrow! Getting nervous already, there was a lot of tricks in last years paper, hope this one is very straight forward!
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    not straight forward.

    Thought short logs, tangents, last part of 3 sim eqs wasa nasty as!
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    All-in-all, pretty easy. I know there are only two marks I have lost (The "express y in terms of x" log question; I did something very stupid because I was running out of time)
    I may have lost other marks for not being precise enough or by making stupid errors somewhere along the line.
    Still, I'm fairly confident that I have at least 94%. I may even have 98%.
    Stats and Mechanics is a lot less predictable than Pure, so I may lose a few marks in Friday's exam, but I'm hoping that it will go well. I just need to be able to finish it in time.
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    will anyone be posting the mark scheme for this?
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    Totally knew ccea would ask a tan transformation! Great paper, minus the final part of the log question, messed that one up! Now for round two!
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    are you kidding? everyone at my school found it so difficult. i definitely left out about 20 of the marks and all in all it was a horrendous exam. i definitely got the logarithms, differentiation, integration, end of q10 and 11 wrong and logarithm graph question. oh dear. cant wait for mechanics!! jks. :confused:
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    what was the answer for the log question for express y in terms of x?
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    Everyone in my school thought it was deadly too, but I thought it went better than expected to be honest. Not A* standard but maybe an A, although my Mechanics will bring it down a lot (I got 42% in my mock, yikes) but I can usually get 90% to 100% in Statistics.
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    I found it quite tricky. Parts of it that I normally take for granted as pretty easy questions such as the short log questions and the tan graph were very difficult while the questions which are usually difficult such as the curve sketching were straight forward.

    I honestly think I am dropped to in around mid 80% in that test because they decided to make all the short questions and last parts of the long questions quite difficult.

    For reference: Everyone in my school commented on how difficult it was
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    Hopefully CCEA take pity on us, with an easy Mechs Stats!

    Yes youre right, the ''easy'' questions were made harder - didnt like the complete change of format for logs and Q5 on tangents - the interception etc. Much harder than papers that I got high 90s in, but nearly everyone found it hard, my teacher said it was a taxing paper also.

    Low grade boundaries?
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    (Original post by BMG123)
    what was the answer for the log question for express y in terms of x?

    I really hope CCEA don't make an unusually difficult Stats and Mechanics paper, I always find them more difficult.
    I would be doing more past papers, but unfortunately I have Latin and English tomorrow, two physics papers on Wednesday, and Religious Education and more English on Thursday.
    I may be able to squeeze a paper in in the morning just before the exam.
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    Judging by 2009 & 2008 official grade boundaries you can lose around 60 marks and still get an A overall which is definitely doable when you think about it.
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    did anyone get the question about penny and her bank investment (Q10 V i think)
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    (Original post by jcm222)
    did anyone get the question about penny and her bank investment (Q10 V i think)
    Nope that was one of the more difficult questions but again there was pretty low marks going for that question. I think the first parts of that question were ok however.
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    (Original post by jcm222)
    did anyone get the question about penny and her bank investment (Q10 V i think)
    a= 4000
    b= 6000 ???
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    (Original post by K995)
    a= 4000
    b= 6000 ???
    Was it not the other way round as IIRC b represented the amount of money in the high risk account?


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