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NEED help on university question

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    need help on human relations management
    The Human Relations School sought to insert ‘the human’ into
    management. Outline the way in which a concern for ‘the human’
    was brought into the management of organizations.

    This is the past paper exam question i'm working on.
    I am not really sure what i should write on it. All that came to my mind is the Mayo's Principle of Human relations. Which is that, work is the life central of most people, and workers will tend to find a sense of belonging to a social group and seek need for recognition. By satisfying their need for recognition productivity will be improved.
    Management of human relations can foster collaboration within informal groups to create greater cohesion and unity at work, which will positively organizational benefits. (which i can't precisely tell how, a help on this would be nice)

    Am i Missing anything? Please tell me if i am missing something or if i'm wrong.

    Also, I'm wondering if i should mention the soft model of Human Resources Management. Which suggests that the provision of fulfilling, empowering, and positive experience for people would attract people to the job and make them invest in them as valuable assets. Is this human relations too? or am i off the topic??

    Also this is an essay-based question so i'm a bit concerned that i have too few to write on this question can anybody give me suggestions of points that will score marks?


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