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What ultimately did it for you?

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    I use my phone mostly for browsing the web, so I wanted a phone with the best screen on any phone, with the most screen real estate, a full 720p HD screen, retina display sharpness, and organic LED screen, along with the fastest browser on any phone along with full flash. So I got the Galaxy Nexus.

    I also like taking my phone out and snapping pics, so I wanted zero shutter lag with the fastest snapper.

    I use facebook a lot too so I wanted native facebook integration and live dynamic widgets, making access to all the things I use on my phone instant compared to say the iPhone.

    I also wanted arguably the most polished user interface on a phone with the most customisation.

    I also wanted access to an app store that has the most free apps of any smartphone

    Even now, a year later, the nexus is the fastest Android phone in use with the smoothest and most fluid user interface

    I can't think of any better phone even now, was definately worth the 500 quid.

    I also wanted something unique, and the nexus is quite rare, due to not being so accessible on contract, thus ruling many out who can't buy a phone up front
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    Nokia 3210. I love vintage.
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    Dell Venue Pro - windows phone with a slide out keyboard (preferable to the onscreen keyboard for long emails/texts, even though the osk is very good). There's nothing else like it on the market.

    The downside is, with the keyboard extended, it's taller than a Galaxy Note :eek: and very top heavy.
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    I have an iPhone 4. I'd wanted an iPhone for a while because I used to use an iPod a lot and I wanted the convenience of only having to carry around one device. When I got to university it seemed that everyone had one, so I decided that as I was old enough, I'd get one on contract. More so I wouldn't be the odd one out rather than Apple's marketing.
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    (Original post by theonefrombrum)
    If we go by cliches, most people have Blackberrys for BBM, most people have Androids because they simply aren't Apple made and most people have iPhones because Apple are using some mystical marketing ploys on the people.

    But i don't go by cliches and i think that if someone's going to part with money, earned or credit, usually there will be at least a half compelling reason as to why they chose one thing over its competitors. For me, i just prefer how the iPhone feels, i think it has a lovely interface, it's smooth, the app store has many great and fun apps and the phone itself is beautiful and i love the feel of it as opposed to the plastic many are accustomed to with their phones.

    So my question is, what made you ultimately decide to go for the phone that you have? Don't be ashamed to admit if you were just jumping on the bandwagon or whatever, because that's hardly a crime, i'm just interested to know.
    +repped as I don't see any reason for anyone to neg this.
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    I bought my phone because it was cheap and can call people.


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