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AQA A2 Classical Civilisation 29th and 31st May 2012

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    No, I'm doing the Angevin kings for history

    Yeah I did the Oedpius question. I was so happy Oedipus came up but I didn't like the questions asked too much and I'm not sure I answered them right, did you do Oedpius or Medea?
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    Good luck with that history paper.

    Yeah I did the oedipus one It was pretty difficult especially the 10 marker but overall it could have been worse. The text they chose was annoying lol. I am sure that we have fingers crossed done well for a good grade in it. Gooood luck again with it all.
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    What did people think of the Aeneid paper? I thought it was really good, couldn't have asked for better questions. Such a relief after the tragedy exam.
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    The Aeneid paper stressed me out a bit. I finished half an hour (With extra time though) early so I dunno if that's a good sign or not >.<
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    You must be a really fast writer haha. What options did you pick? I'm so glad book 4 came up.
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    (Original post by ndx)
    You must be a really fast writer haha. What options did you pick? I'm so glad book 4 came up.
    I was typing so that may have had something to do with it. Although technically I only finished five minutes early if I had gotten normal time so meh.

    Did a page and a tiny bit for the synoptic question...

    I did the first set of questions (I didn't know who the guy was though >.<) and the synoptic about Aeneas being a flawed hero...

    And yourself?
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    Oh that's probably why then. I just about finished, I swear I spent about 10 minutes having I rest my hand because it was so sore from writing!

    I did the same as you. Luckily knew who Irabas (sp?) was because I had a feeling book 4 would come up and revised it like crazy. The passage they used was really good, about rumour. AQA have no imagination when it comes to the Aeneid, I swear they do the same essay questions each year but just re-worded differently? Not that I'm complaining.


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