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What summer drinks are we enjoying this fine day?

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    Looks like everyones already beaten me to: WATER
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    Pint of a nice golden ale is great in this weather.
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    (Original post by LittleGee)
    Mcdonalds milkshake!
    Yes, the Starburst one is brilliant!
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    Rubicon mango light.

    Stupid diet....*grumble*
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    JD n coke
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    Cheap Cherryade from tesco.

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my HTC Wildfire S A510e
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    (Original post by Sabertooth)
    Rubicon mango light.

    Stupid diet....*grumble*
    OMG Rubicon.. I'm off to the shop.
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    (Original post by insignificant)
    OMG Rubicon.. I'm off to the shop.
    Tbh the light one still tastes pretty damn amazing, I was surprised by how nice it is.

    And the 2L bottles are £2 for 2 in tesco right now.
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    Schloer :coma: I love the stuff, and it's on offer, £1 for a bottle at the moment.
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    Pimms = the drink of the summer/sun!!
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    Disaronno and Coke. Lot's of ice :')
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    Big glass of Schloer.
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    I want a cream soda.
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    I'm moving house today so I'm keeping myself hydrated, but also looking forward to some Pimms later on.
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    Dr. Pepper. And Gatorade. And water. Necessary for working outside in 100 degree weather.
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    Coke float. I'm a big kid really.
    I may make it a rum and coke float later if my housemates want to drink with me.
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    Koppaberg mixed fruit



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