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AQA AS Citizenship unit 2

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    If any one can give me tips on how to do this exam. its this monday 28th may...

    I'm currently quickly reading the whole of unit 2 in the Hodder book and then will do past papers> but this will be my first time reading through so if anyone can also upload some notes on this unit would be much appreciated . there is also no mark scheme for the citizenship papers up to the January 2011 series? I am thinking I should just use my book for those papers.

    Can someone also tell me if the essay questions are based on recent news because i haven't really touched my tv... for long time... very worried but apparently its all common sense and easy to get a good mark in it// i disagree im finding it hard to revise for this it's really boring and i'm more of a maths/science kinda guy. so please give me tips if you have done this before i want a good grade in this so not going to neglect this exam as its my final one then im scott free until A2. thanks.
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    Hi, Im also doing the exam on Monday, Im actually more confident for this exam because you kind of know the questions they're going to ask. My teacher said there is probably going to be a question revolving around the devolved governments because of the fact that Scotland are fighting for independence. Also a possible question revolving round the European Union because of the controversy around Greece the eurozone and all that.

    Hope this sort of helped :-)
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    How do you go from 0 to 100% hero with this in 1 day? :/


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Updated: May 21, 2015
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