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Shaved or small beard or stubbly?

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    What do you think looks better on me?

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    i like the stubbly look best on myself as well just keepin it casual...but shaved when goin for interview or job etc
    btw nice brows dude
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    I'd also go for the stubble. Clean shaven looks pretty young and the beard isn't all that neat. The stubble looks mature and smart.
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    Stubble for sure
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    Definitely stubble
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    Wait the second one is supposed to be a small beard? or am i missing the point here?
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    ...definitely shaved; it’s cleaner on the eyes and younger on look.
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    Won't I get that sandpaper effect though?
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    Would we all agree on Image 1, the bit of stubble?
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    Yeah, I'd say 1 too.

    There's a been a rash of these facial hair threads recently, maybe I should get the wisdom of the TSR sages too. Watch this space...:holmes:
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    (Original post by ct2k7)
    What do you think looks better on me?

    (See attachments)
    Middle one!

    I cant grow a bear and dont plan to!

    I have gillete cartridges which I barely use on my face as I cant be bothered to shave my face.... (other areas I keep clean though)

    And anyways, i have my cousin who is a beautician soo she waxes what I need doing on my face e.g. upper lip, chin etc.. and it takes a long time to grow back, you can barely see the hairs as they are thin and light and even better, I get it done for free!
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    I prefer stubble


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