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Staffordshire university primary pgce

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    So Tuesday is my THIRD pgce interview and like 13th application on gttr. I've lost count.

    Can anyone tell me a bit about the course, campus and accommodation?

    I popped up to the lichfiekd campus yesterday where my interview will be held and it looks soo lovely.

    Thanks. Kat.
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    Hello Kat

    I have heard good things about the university in general. I also hear this is a brand new course so not many will have interviewed. Am hoping to apply what was the interview like ? Hope it went well for you
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    Hi, thankyou.

    It was a long and tiring morning :-( I loved it there though.

    Been nearly 2 weeks since my interview, not heard anythign yet, they did say in 3 weeks we would find out. The wait is KILLING me :-(
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    Hello I really hope you were successful I have been offered an interview here and am hoping you can tell me what it was like the planning task seems a little daunting to me just wondered what it entailed.

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    I got offered a place on the course on the day, they let me know straight away as I needed to sort childcare which was lovely of them. It was a tough, tough day but I was well prepared thanks to my NQT year Boyfriend. The lecturers seem really great especially the programme leader Jim. One thing to point out it will be based at the LICHFIELD campus, which isn't well advertised. Works for me as I am burton-based but might be a struggle if you're coming from Stoke/Stafford or further. Schools will be all over Staffs but you will be going into uni regularly until Christmas.
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    I am burton based so it is a positive for me. I am glad you got in. I only work voluntarily so I do not really do planning of any sort so am quite unsure about that section. Nice of them to tell you straight away.
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    I'm Burton too, might be able to share lifrs if you get on, haha
    The planning was tough but they just want to see how you think and work out problems etc more than anything. Like the plan I came up with was like...well too much work for one lesson, and it took a bit of discussion to realise what I was trying to teach but I got there in the end and they were just looking for me to be able to handle criticism, stay positive, think on my feet and be creative. All I can really say is I was just positive, positive, positive and they seemed to love me, so that's the best advice I can give.
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    I have had so many interviews I want it so bad really hoping it goes well. Been so busy this week too so not the best time fingers crossed though car share is always an option will let you know if I get in or not. Is the written piece based on the article
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    I have an interview soon at Lichfield and would like to know what the 25 min lesson planning task consists of, also what kind of questions will they ask on the literacy document? Any help is much appreciated!!
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    Hey guys went bad today I think my certificate of my degree was classed as invalid even though no other provider has said this. Then at the end 2 people were taken off the rest of us told we could leave and would hear in a week the other 2 were asked to fill in crb paper work when we were told it was not being done. One has been told she is deffo in the other not sure was very odd way to do it could have just told us all if they had made up their mind . As for the interview was 2 test maths and English no more different than other providers, then a tutor takes two people one to do the lesson planning and one to do extended writing on the article read and another goes into a 2 on 1 interview we. The article piece was just a simple question but they are looking to see I you write well enough for masters level,the planning is more a verbal task although you can write some notes, they asked how a lesson would go from start to finish and how the classroom is laid out (messed up here thinking they meant my current classroom) the interview was different they asked different questions but they focus on your qualifications and things you have done that you can incorporate, also they ask about past applications and interviews what your feedback wad and things. Also not sure if you will have the same interviewer we had Clyde and Michele but he asked for original ideas for Olympics themed lessons. Good luck
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    Hey bex, sorry to hear that it went bad. Your feedback is greatly appreciated though. What do you mean your certificate was invalid? How many of you were there? With the planning task, what do you mean by how the classroom is laid out?
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    Yeah I got asked about olympic themed lessons too.
    They just ask how you would lay out a classroom and why you would have it that way. I don't think they were impressed with my answer, I said that it would be unique to the children and I would involve them with what we made displays from and involve them in the planning. Don't know what they were looking for but that's the truth. My lesson planning was so-so, took me ages to get there but I did in the end, the one thing I would suggest for that is know what you are trying to teach and start with the specific lesson and they maybe mention how it might fit into a larger scheme of work. I basically described a terms worth of work and they were like 'okay...but what is your lesson?' But I did get there in the end (it was writing for a specific audience) I think it was my interview that saved me, I was well prepared and positive, showed that I was competent, showed them that I can handle stress very well and could talk about my experiences in schools. I'd also done plenty of research for the writing task so could organize my essay answer very well and made it clear I knew what I was talking about, which probably helped.

    Hope this helps, Bex I'm sorry it didn't go well but I get the feeling they are telling the ones they definitely want straight away, the very best ones, but others are getting calls later after they have had time to think about it, so might be that it still might happen.
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    Thanks, that's really great advice, seems as though the classroom layout has caused a few problems. I must admit if I hadn't been told about that it would've thrown me a curveball. With the lesson planning task, what exactly are you supposed to plan? Do they give you a topic or do you come up with your own topic to teach? Also what question did they ask for the literacy document, I'm assuming that its some sort of critical analysis?
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    Hello my names Laura and I have my interview on the 10th of august. Has everyone found out whether they have got on the course? And any last minute advice? Thanks Laura
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    Hello Laura

    Good luck, it seemed on my day if you filled in your crb you were in unless everyone does then I am not sure. They ask you about any previous interviews so keep that in mind. All in all it is actually a nice interview day.
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    Thank you so much I'm currently preparing for the lesson that they will ask you about.. cool thanks for the advice
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    Hi how has everyone's interviews gone? Just went in to hand in my paperwork yesterday, getting excited now! Found out that we're in Stafford not Lichfield for the first 2 weeks....no idea how I am going to get there!
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    Hi just wanted to bump this to see if I can find anyone else who is starting in Sept?
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    [QUOTE=nati_jade;39323526]Hi just wanted to bump this to see if I can find anyone else who is starting in Sept? [/QUOTE

    Hiya im starting in sept at stafford i took my documents to stafford a few weeks ago and it was a nightmare driving there (even though ive been there before as my bf has just graduated from staffs!!!) hopefully i'll find an easier route but im glad we're not in stafford all the time Where are you travelling from???
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    Yay! Glad I've finally found someone else. I'm driving from Burton upon Trent so about an hour away! I'll be much better off when we're based in Lichfield though. Just hope and pray I get a placement over this way!! Where are you based? How are you spending your last week of freedom?


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