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Official GCSE Results Day Thread 2012! Mark I (August 23rd)

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Find the answers: Edexcel GCSE maths unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    Name: mjordanjnr
    GCSEs (Subjects): Maths, Triple Science, English Lang & Lit, R.S, ICT (Double Award), History, Spanish
    Predictions: 4 A*s, 4 A's, 1 B and AA in ICT
    A-Levels: Maths, Biology, Chemistry & Economics
    Results: TBA
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    Name: Ohhiitskatieh
    GCSEs (Subjects): Year 10: Triple Science, German, Sociology, Maths, OCR National ICT. Next year Philosophy and Ethics, Art, English Language, English Literature, Maths, Triple Science continued.
    Predictions: 10 A*s and 2 Distinctions (Not a chance!)
    Already Achieved: BTEC Sport (Distinction)
    A-Levels: Chemistry, Biology, German, English Lang/Lit
    Results: TBA
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    Name :Aishah
    GCSEs :Maths, English lang,English lit, Double science, Art, Economics, Arabic and Geography
    Predictions : 4 A* 5As
    A-levels : MAths, Chemistry, Biology, Art
    Results: TBA
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    Name: Fool In The Rain
    GCSEs (Subjects): Maths, English Literature, English Language, Core Science, RE, Spanish, Geography, History, ICT, French
    Predictions: 4A, 4A*, 3 Distinctions
    A-Levels: French, History, English Literature, Maths
    Results (so far): French: B, Maths: A (resitting in June), English Language: A, Core Science: A, ICT: 3 Distinctions. The rest will be announced on that dreaded day .
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    Already done GCSES a year early just to clarify. Here are some extra exams that I am taking this year as extras before 6th form. And sorry to mess up your form a little.

    Name: Aefli
    GCSEs (Subjects): Psychology GCSE, Politics AS, ICT AS.
    Predictions: A*, A, A
    A-Levels: Politics A2, English lit AS, Philosophy AS (hopefully, if not Psychology AS) and History AS.
    Results: ......... we shall see.....I my GCSES I got 8 A* and 4 A, I think, it was a while ago.
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    Name: Dr_Ali
    Subjects: English Lang/Lit, Maths, Double Science, RS, Sociology, Statistics, Business (Dual Award), BTEC P.E
    Predicted: 5 A*s, 4 As, 1 B, 2 Cs (BTEC P.E)
    A-Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Philosophy
    Results: TBA
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    Name: StarryInk07
    GCSEs: Biology, Chemistry, Physics Spanish, Latin, French, Chinese, Geography, Art
    IGCSEs (unfortunately): Maths, English Literature, English Language
    AS: Chinese (freaking out, and have no predicted grade either)
    Achieved: Chinese A*, French A*
    Predictions: 9A*s, 1A (Chemistry) - not going to happen, found all the Science and English papers difficult as hell
    A-Levels: Maths, Geography, English Literature, Spanish, Latin, (Chinese A2) - next year is going to suck majorly)
    Results: (dreading results day)
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    Name: Amir
    GCSEs (Subjects): English lang, english lit, maths, french, german, history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics
    Predictions: 8A* 2A
    A-Levels: English lit, history, french, maths, general studies
    Results: we''ll just have to wait and see :P
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    I'm guessing i'm probably the only person on TSR who's not getting any A*s ?:dontknow:
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    Just thought I'd pop in to say good luck to everyone doing their GCSEs
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    Name: Not going to say!<br />
    GCSEs: Russian, History, R.S short course and long course<br />
    IGCSEs: Maths, English Literature, English Language, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, French, Spanish, Geography<br />
    Extra: Additional Maths
    Achieved: RS Short Course A*, French A*<br />
    Predictions: All A* - not going to happen in English and possibly geography :-)<br />
    IB: Higher Maths, Physics, Chemistry - Standard economics, English, French <br />
    Results: (dreading results day)

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    Name: lukeface
    GCSEs (subjects): English lit, english lang, maths, further maths, triple science, religious studies, history, french, sociology, geography, music.
    Predictions: 9a*4a.
    A-levels: History, french, maths, economics, further maths.
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    Name: jwf13
    Subjects I'm getting results for: English Literature, Geography Unit 1 and 3, History, P1,B1,C1,ISA and RE.
    Predictions: A* for English, Sciences and Geography, A for History and RE (RE is never going to happen)
    A-Levels: I'm in Year 10, but want do the IB.
    Results: Going by the first exam, not good.

    If it's all of my subjects and predictions that is needed: English Lit&Lang, Maths, Science(x2), Geography, History, RE, Spanish, Drama, Ad. Maths, BTEC Sport. 6 A*, 3A, 1B and Distnction in Sport.
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    (Original post by lizz-ie)
    No way! I hate ICT! The teachers at my school are rubbish for ICT as well. :/ I prefer Maths and the sciences. Are you staying at the same school you're at now for sixth form?
    Yh. I mean I have an offer for a better grammar school, but I am at a grammar atm and I can't be bothered to move so will probably just stay there.

    What about yourself?
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    (Original post by lizz-ie)
    Hey wait, how come you did Science, AND Biology, Chemistry and Physics?!
    At our school we do science in year 10. Then fif you get A/A* you do triple in year 11 and if not you do additional.
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    (Original post by QuantumSuicide)
    Cos he's a douche, that's why.
    Does my amazing skill hurt you that much.

    Btw guys this guy is a troller so just ignore him if he becomes annoying!
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    (Original post by Matt_96)
    I'm guessing i'm probably the only person on TSR who's not getting any A*s ?:dontknow:
    Mate i'm barely getting As let alon any A*
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    (Original post by Matt_96)
    I'm guessing i'm probably the only person on TSR who's not getting any A*s ?:dontknow:
    Don't worry - as it gets closer to results day, you get more people who don't think they're going to get any A*s or even any As. I was like that - I panicked and panicked and panicked, but the Results Day thread was great because there were lots of lovely people who reassured me and in the end I got an A* and 4 As, you might surprise yourself
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    Name: coke1
    GCSEs (Subjects): Triple science, English literature, English language, Maths, French, German, Geography, Music
    Predictions: Let's not go there..
    A-Levels: Eng Lit, Chemistry, French, Geography
    Results: To be added
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    Name: Didierr!
    GCSEs (Subjects): maths, further maths, english language, english lit, triple science, drama, spanish, r.s. (AS ICT & Critical Thinking)
    Predictions: mostly As, A* in maths and sciences, and B in english lang
    A-Levels: Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology
    Results: :eek::argh::cry2: TBA
Updated: November 10, 2012
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