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Setting Up A Website ? Urgent

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    Hey, I am setting up a website for my campaign called "freedom 2012". I have no money for the website , is there any free options ? I am 14 and I don't know anything about making websites so please help me.
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    You can get free webhosting from 000webhost.
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    There is a lot of places out there that offer free hosting but are terribly bad.
    The only two I could really recommend for someone with no knowledge of HTML/CSS are Google Sites and Weebly (although please note that I have only used the latter, but hear good things about the former).
    However, I really do suggest that you learn how to use HTML and CSS. It is something that is super super easy to do and there are many great places to learn how to do it (eg. HTML Dog). Then you can host your site for free on GitHub using GitHub Pages and with the desktop software for both Windows and Mac now released you don't even need to know that much about Git to get going.
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    5quidhost have a free option and really good support

    when you say "I know nothing" you do know you need a domain name first? A co.uk is probably about £3

    depending on what you want the site to do you may find wordpress a good place to start
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    000webhost will most likely be fine for your purposes, it's really not as bad as it's made out to be.

    When it cripples you is when you start getting many (simultaneous) hits or need large/many databases - at which point you might more feasibly be looking at paid hosting anyway, assuming you run ads.

    I started out with 000webhost, and the ad hits I received while with them financed my initial purchase of two years hosting. Contrary to popular belief you are allowed to display ads on your site with 000webhost (not with all free options though).
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    I use webs.com it's quite good for beginners
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    actually yes I forgot google sites, I run a very successful site from there at no cost at all. First web thing I ever built and REALLY easy

    if you decide to go the hosted domain route why not have a look at 5quidhost reviews, in my experience they know their stuff and run very robust hosting

    one reason to follow a hosted route would be google advertising will create an income from traffic if you have enough. It isnt hard to recover your costs quite easily
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    you can build a wordpress site for free just so long as you don't mind your domain having wordpress in it.
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    (Original post by djshine88)
    you can build a wordpress site for free just so long as you don't mind your domain having wordpress in it.
    It's also an easy task to move your wordpress.com site to a site with your own hosting and domain, with wordpress.org backend.

    Literally just an "export from here"; "import to here" job.
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    Are you looking for free hosting, for someone to develop the website for free, or for both?
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    I use weebly.com, easy to use for beginners but it does lack customisation :/


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Updated: May 29, 2012
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