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What to wear for RSPCA work experience?

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    Tomorrow I'm starting a two week placement at the RSPCA in the cattery and small animal blocks

    Not sure what to wear though! I know old clothes as they'll probably get dirty. It's meant to be reaallyy hot, but I'm not sure if shorts would be appropriate :confused: They won't be short shorts, just knee length ones

    Help please!
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    I don't really own many shorts so have only worn trousers, so I'm not really sure. You can always wear shorts and bring a pair of trousers in case they think it is inappropriate so you'd be able to change in the toilet.
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    Personally I'd probably go in trousers on the first day and see what other people there are wearing. They may wear shorts/have shorts as part of their uniform etc. But tbh, if no one else was wearing shorts then I wouldn't.
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    I would probably wear trousers, but then I seem to get cold no matter how hot it is!
    Doing what kookaburra said and checking out what everyone else wears first is a good idea.
    In summer I usually wear thin combat-type trousers. They're cool and they dry really quickly so you can wash them for the next day


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Updated: May 29, 2012
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