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London South Bank, Children's Nursing :)

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    facebook group! hope the link works! if not let me know
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    Heyy ive very new to this dont really know what its about! ive firmed LSBU for sept 13, so just waiting for my results! ill hopefully be moving into david bomberg house, wanted to start talking to people before i move down! anyone else in the same boat? xxxxxx
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    Just wanted to ask, how long did it take for people doing the online test and then hearing about whether or not they had been called to interview?!
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    Hey, um I think mine was a fair few weeks, but that was a little while ago! It might have calmed down now! after the interview if ur successfull u shod here fairly soon xx
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    HEY, how long did it take you guys to get a reply after your interviews?
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    i just did my mendas test. i think i failed it
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    Hi was wondering if anyone had done the online situational based test and could tell me about it? have just been sent an e-mail to complete it but i have no idea what its about and cant find anywhere to practice! How many questions are there? how long do you have to do it? how many do you have to get right? does it tell you at the end if you have passed? do you get invited for an interview/selection day after that? and if i regester for it do u have to complete it asap? so many questions, help!!!


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Updated: November 12, 2013
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