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children don't like me :(

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    one refused to sit next to me and she looked scared. The same thing happened AGAIN! And to make matters worse, when toddlers and babies are next to me on the bus/train, they just stare at me, whereas they smile at others. Kids even run to my sister and hug her, but ignore me!
    Does that suggest that I am a bad person?
    My family said that children can sense people who are good-hearted and those who are not and are instinctly repulsed by the latter.

    I feel so down after each encounter because really, I do not feel comfortable around children.

    What can I do to make myself less scary?

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    It could be nothing.

    No person is really liked universally.
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    Well children only really relax around people that feel comfortable around them...so it's a vicious circle.

    Just smile at them if they look at you, maybe wave. Kids pick up on people being happy.

    If you have to spend time with any small children:
    Smile a lot, be bouncy and cheerful, speak loudly, use slightly exaggerated hand gestures and facial expressions, when you talk to them, actually talk to them and not over them or about them... and remember that there's no need to be scared around them.

    My mums a pre-school teacher and I help out at a kids club for 0-5 years old. But when I started I was exactly the same as you haha


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Updated: May 28, 2012
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