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Halls vs. Houseshare for grad applicants (18+))

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    Hey so here's my dilemma...
    I'm going into my second undergrad(medicine) and I've already lived in halls during my first undergrad. As much as I LOVED it, not entirely sure it's the kind of experience i'd want to repeat. Plus, i'm 22 and I'm assuming most of the people living in res will be 18.

    Ideally, I'd get a flat with students my own age but I've been having trouble finding any near Guy's Campus.

    1) keep looking for housemates until I find something for september
    2) suck it up and stay in res for first year
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    I'll be beginning my post graduate degree in the fall. I am deciding between halls and private accommodation as well.
    And looking thus far it is evident that places will be more affordable with a roommate, so as you are I am also on the lookout for a roommate!
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    23 yr old undergrad here - i did halls when i was 19 first time round, and i've been in halls for this year of my undergrad. there's a few postgrads on my floor but pretty much everyone else is a first time undergrad fresher and it's not bothered me really - i lucked out and got a pretty quiet floor, it seems. long story short - it's not that bad!

    plus i think you can apply for the rectory as you'd be a mature student (21+)? that would mean you'd be with all postgrads or mature undergrads.

    for flats, if you decide to go that route, have a look at the ULHS website (UoL housing service) - it's student-only and they have a find a flatmate feature (for people looking for people to househunt with) or a spare room service.
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    I am in the same situation and I really dont want to go through halls again. I need to find agencies that have break contracts as i only need the apartment for 9 months.


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Updated: May 31, 2012
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