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Females with hairy arms

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    (Original post by sinfonietta)
    Probably just because it's not as widely spoken about? I've been shaving my arms for six or seven years but this is the first time I've come across a discussion about it (including offline). Didn't realise it was apparently unusual. x) I hate how arm hair looks (on myself) and how it feels to touch - I react exactly the same to having hairy arms as I do to realising I've left shaving my legs a few days longer than usual: grossed out.
    It just really winds me up when girls act all superior and as though we are shallow human beings for removing a bit of arm hair! And I wouldn't say bare arms looks weird either, tbh my hairless arms aren't even noticeable, what is noticeable however was the gorilla-like state they originally were
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    ive got dark hair so i do wax my arms and legs i prefer it cause when i wear tshirts my arms look lighter lol
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    (Original post by sarahthegemini)
    Girls aren't gunna shave their arms if they aren't noticeable, they're only going to shave them if they are noticeable so that point is completely ridiculous. And get some self respect really? Get off your high horse. And get some confidence? I know, personally if I was wearing a sleeveless top and had never started shaving my arms I would feel horrendous, I feel confident knowing I don't have gorilla arms.
    There were a lot of girls on here saying their arm hair was barely noticeable and they still shaved so I was basing my point on that.
    Hardly "on my high horse" I just thought wanting to be completely hairless was ridiculous, I totally understand if it's noticeable, sorry if I phrased my post badly.
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    (Original post by sarahthegemini)
    Why is it, that shaving our legs, armpits, plucking our eyebrows, trimming our bikini line, waxing our upper lip is all seen as normal habits but shaving our arms is too far :facepalm:
    But I will agree with you on this. But my point is essentially that it's ridiculously sad that women have to conform to these standards (I do too, because it's the "normal" thing to do) but I just think it's better that the line is drawn somewhere, and this is just one ridiculous requirement too far.
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    I have light skin but dark hair, so bleach works :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by nash_4_lyf)
    I am a woman, and I prefer being clean everywhere. Albeit arms, legs whatever. I think its a lot more clean for a woman to be hairless.....and I dont know I dont feel sexy with hairy arms....
    You're not using that word right :unimpressed:
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    When we say hairy - are we talking about abnormally dense growth, or the general hair that most have?
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    (Original post by svrdan)
    An intresting topic that i want to get opinions on,

    For me, i love hairy arms on women but why are so many repulsed by hairy arms??
    i can understand by legs armpits e.t.c, but why arms??

    Would Women ever stop shaving their arms??
    What are peoples opinions?
    i've never shaved my arm... never got repulsed by hairy arms but i can understand some of my friends who shave because they DO have very hairy arms... hahahaha.
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    (Original post by aeterno)
    You're not using that word right :unimpressed:
    YOU GO SISTER :fuhrer::fuhrer::fuhrer:

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    I have never shaved my arms....slightly worried now people might think it's repulsive as I have brown hair....oh well I guess I'll just go live under a bridge and be done with it.
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    I shaved my arms once before but ended up getting a razor rash, making my arms more noticeable and virtually announcing to the world that I shaved them. I get concerned that my arms are too hairy for most mens liking, but I leave them. If I feel they get too hairy I just wax/epilate them... no biggie
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    (Original post by 3lla)
    I shaved my arms once before but ended up getting a razor rash, making my arms more noticeable and virtually announcing to the world that I shaved them. I get concerned that my arms are too hairy for most mens liking, but I leave them. If I feel they get too hairy I just wax/epilate them... no biggie
    I know what you mean- i use Veet though and it gets rid of the hair without giving me a rash... Waxing just hurts and yep- i do it because hairy arms are not feminine haha
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    I already shave my legs, arms is too much effort, especially cause I don't think anyone really cares about arms.
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    LOL at the lazy women who gave OP thumbs ups

    LOL at the lazy woman who gave me a thumbs down
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    I would never shave my arms, a bit of hair on my arms doesn't make me ugly lol
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    Not guna lie, i dont have much arm hair and im a man, so being with a chick whose got some king kong arms isn't a good look for me.
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    Nothing wrong with it, its a personal choice. And having body hair does not make you dirty and unfeminine IMO
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    I don't even notice my arm hair. It's fine and blonde and it keeps my arms warm!

    Arm PIT hair however needs destroying on a regular basis.
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    I dont mind women who dont shave their arms but women who like the au naturalle look under the arms is a turn off for me. Might be just me though!
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    My Mum told me not to shave my arms when I was younger, I did. Never did again as it's prickly and horrible when it grows back. Ever since then I have left my arm hairs and so do my friends. There's nothing wrong with it.


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