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Low Confidence and High Stress

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    I'm not usually one to dish out my problems online so I kept this Anonymous. Recently I came to the conclusion that I did not enjoy nor want to participate in a degree at University 'A'. It was much too difficult and stressful and the entry requirements were kept low allowing people who didn't have the correct skills, like myself, to be admitted onto the course.

    I have since accepted a place at University 'B' and it is on a course where I feel that I can handle the workload and keep up with the modules without feeling stupidly burdened like I was before. I am hoping and praying that all goes well.

    But I am feeling like my usual confidence levels have plummeted and this is causing me to stress out a lot more than normal. I really need a degree and I really want to do well in life but I am wondering, since half of the modules require group work as part (though not all) of the assessment for those modules, will I be able to fit in and and make a good group of friends to work with?

    I am not worried about falling into the 'dodgy' crowd of people, but more about the feeling that I might make friends but they might be a bit lazy or maybe they are the type who are nice people but who kind of stumble and bumble along in life not sure if they even want be there. I have been through this myself this past year so I do not want to waste my first year in University 'B' surrounded by people in a group going through the same mistakes I already have. Not that I wouldn't help them its just that they can only take the final decision on their own and if they decide to leave I could be left struggling to pick up the pieces and salvage whatever is left of our work.

    I don't want to fail in any modules. After wasting a year at University 'A' I don't have time to waste another one failing modules and then having to retake the year and be another year behind everyone.

    Can anyone offer advice or sympathize?


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Updated: May 28, 2012
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