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Need some help picking an AS subject for the summer!

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    Hey! I just finished my last AS paper, 2 days ago and now I have 3 whole months ahead of me with nothing to do in the blazing heat (I live in the middle east)! So I decided to do another AS subject during this time and I have narrowed it down to a couple I always wanted to do but could not. I will be doing these by myself with no teacher, only the book and me, and so I would prefer one which can be done without a teacher. I want to add, for those who say you can not without a teacher, that I did AS Biology and Physics completely by myself. I also most probably wont be continuing the subject for A2. So here is my list:
    1) Economics(I find it very interesting and have lots of friends who did it so they can help out)
    2) History(It is very prestigious and very interesting)
    3) English Litrature( I love analysing poetry )
    4) Government and politics( Always have been interested in how governments like communism, capitalism work)
    5) Classical civilizations( I was always very interested in how civilization began and ancient Greece)
    Thats it I am not looking for the one that will look good on my application. I want the most interesting and the one that will help you in the future and I will come across it again in life. The coarse I will take at University has nothing to do with any of the subjects above, I already did the subjects necessary for that. So which one do you think I should do?
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    I think English would be difficult to do on your own - a lot of it is sharing work and refining your own and others, alternative interpretations you know? As for the others, I have no experience, but do what ever you have a real passion for
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    I'd go for economics, but then I am a bit biased given that is the only one of the five I'm taking. It's well worth it though and there is virtually zero maths in it, unlike what people expect.


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