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Acconmodation for insurance choice...am I stuffed?

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    I loved both surrey and trent and put down trent for law as my insurance...things havent been going as planned for me and now I almost certainly wont get my firm. On the open day the only accomodation shown was gill street and im sure that and all the other good ones would be filled up by now and if not by results day. Will I just have to wait until results day and just go with what i get?

    I asked the same question on the open day! I was told if you have to go to your insurance for whatever reason, accommodation will get sorted for you (he said every room or the majority is en suite if you're like me not wanting to share a bathroom lol)
    However this is for clifton campus I'm not too sure about the rest? Good luck either way!!
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    Really? lucky your gonna be on clifton aha most of the places on the city site (where im going to be) dont have ensuite although its not a HUGE concern I would perfer it I just want somewhere not miles away from the city site.

    Nope, you are not stuffed.
    I got into trent as an insurance choice, and was in the same position as you guys! People will drop out, not make the grades or just simply decide not to go, so spaces in uni ran halls do open up. The way it worked for me, (and you assuming it hasn't changed) is as as soon as I knew I missed out on my firm, ring up NTU accomodation and ask what places they have. Prepare and have a list drawn up of options. The line gets rammed, it took me 40 mins of solid ringing to get through!
    Nottingham also has loads of private halls, which are also completly full of students (mostly freshers) such as goldsmith court or glasshouse which you could ring up and ask about places.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. In my opinion, avoid Blenheim halls (where I got, not great and its 15 mins away up a huge hill, and I mean huge). Any other questions?

    just in case I don't get into to Nottingham Trent is there anyone who would like to reserve a room at Clifton campus, New hall. Its a nice modern block. So anyone who has put Nottingham Trent as a insurance let me know so that if the day does come i can tell them to change the contract to your name.

    Nottingham Trent was my conditional and i wasn't sure if i'd made the grades and I booked at Victoria Hall. They said I could cancel within three days of results day if I needed to. Might be the same if it's your insurance so maybe ring them and see? It's dead nice accomm too

    Two years ago when I got in, I called up NTU's accommodation and left them my details.

    But I wanted a place there and then, so I called up private halls like Goldsmith Court. Goldsmith said they had no room for me the first two times I called them, but I persevered and a space had opened up by the third time of calling.

    So, even if they say no, stick to it and call up places.

    As for NTU, I got a phone call like a week later telling me they had failed to get me into their halls and they were hosting an accommodation day the following Saturday whereby people who had failed to secure accommodation would travel to Nottingham and potentially find houses together.

    Also, I cannot speak for the other private halls but Goldsmith is awesome.


    If anyone wants a gorgeous studio flat (Royal house, Goldsmith Street, 'Megaclose Ltd'), i have one that i no longer need as i transferring to another uni. In a fab position right near lots of great restaurants, cinema and rock city. A really great location for trent students, literally can wake up 5mins before lectures its on the same road as the uni, literally footsteps away from the main buildings!

    I have literally just heard that i may have an offer from my new university and need to get this sorted asap. The rent is also very reasonable for nottingham, at £118 a week (for a studio) is great considering i paid £130 per week previously and others charge even up to £160 per week. Dont be concerned about being on your own in the flat as you can have your privacy but you will have neighbours in cluster flats that it will be easy to make friends with, this flat is also suitable for couples and the other students are only trent students.

    This is the flat....


    If anyone is interested please contact me via private message on here or contact megaclose . com who are currently advertising the flat, if you want to contact me directly PM me for my mobile number as i am keen to get this sorted asap having sorted out new accommodation already.

    PM me for questions, it really is a lovely flat in a great location, not to be missed. Sad i wont be living there. If you would like any more information then please ask.

    Thanks for reading


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Updated: August 2, 2012
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