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3rd year Medic who wants to show his portfolio to non-uni media outlets..

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    I spent my second year working on a Student radio show interviewing sportsmen and women from most of uni's societies. Sometimes they came to the studio , other times I had to go out on the field to cover live events. I really enjoyed doing it and have all the shows on my PC/student site.

    In this, my third and final year, I wrote for the London Student newspaper producing an article on winter blues and an investigative series into Injuries in University Sport. Once again, I loved doing it and felt great satisfaction reading it in the paper.

    I've realised that if you enjoy doing something the best barometer of how good you are at is see if anyone outside of Uni would be interested in hiring you. My degree has no sort relation to journalism and wanted to know which companies and to whom I should show my portfolio?



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Updated: May 28, 2012
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