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Girls, which F1 driver is the best looking?

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    Bit late on this... I would say Bianchi? Then Button and Vettel I guess

    From MotoGP noone haha?! But if I had to choose I guess Marquez!!
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    Webber all the way.

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    Lassies that I know have said Button, Alguersuari, Webber and Alonso.
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    (Original post by Christina1993)
    Rosberg. He looks a bit like Leonardo Di Caprio to me.

    Other than Rosberg... Hamilton, Raikkonen (compared to the other "older" drivers, he seems to have aged pretty well) and Pic.
    I said this a couple of years ago!
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    I'm surprised none of you gals haven't mentioned nico rosberg.. only him and webber have that male model... the majority are just manlets lol

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    Ever and forever Ayrton Senna
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    (Original post by The_Real_Deal_)
    Just a bit of fun here, but which F1 driver do you think is the best looking? You can say more than one driver if you want.

    I'm guessing girls would find Button, Hamilton, Webber, Vettel, Alonso, Rosberg and maybe even Schumacher (in darn good shape and looks very young for 43) to be hot, but I dunno so let's do a thread about it.
    Vettel and Rosberg
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    (Original post by singerpianist)
    Jenson Button...sometimes he can look sooo hot, and other times not so much IMO, but he's still on my wall poster!

    And anyone else noticed how insanely smooth Lewis' face/skin looks?!!!!! Unreal!!

    Vettel is cute in a 'n'awwwww' kinda way, rather than good looking hehe.
    I've noticed that these 3 drivers have more facial hair than they used to. Button and Vettel especially, it looks like they both have quite thick beards. I don't quite understand the current drivers' obsession with facial hair, do the girls like it?
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    I think it's Raikkonen, Button and Alo. They look very good now. Also, Webber is very handsome too, But now he is Porshe driver)


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Updated: February 22, 2014
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