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    (Original post by honggau)
    Hi, my name is Ellen as you can tell but it's not my real name. I'm an Asian so I have a weird name that most of you can't pronounce. But who cares. You can call me Ellen.
    I've just been to London last Sep to do my Alevel. I have few close friends at school but still feel lost most of the time as I don't know where I belong to. People say it's easy to make friends at this age but I don't really think so, especially for an introvert Asian girl who comes to an English speaking country for the first time.
    I'm a typical Cancer so I'm very sensitive and emotional. It's not really a good thing because I tend to think alot and I keep things to myself. Well, you know nowadays people don't really give **** about others, they just come when they need something and they leave when they're done, who gonna care about what you think? It's sad but it's life. Maybe that's why I'm a loner in nature because I push people away unconsciously..
    Well, but who knows if I could find some great friends here? That's why I make this thread. Let me talk a bit about my hobbies: I like watching movies, doing random things, walking, drawing, writing (that's why I make this so long!!), photography, cooking, nights out, romantic stuffs, gun, fighting, racing games, rain, cats and dogs, my hands
    And sure I'm very friendly and open-minded so we should hang out sometimes!
    Hi 'Ellen' and welcome to TSR :-)

    Amongst other modules I study film making and editing, photography at university. You seem a really nice person, I will chat with you if you want? xx
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!



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