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FP1 - Hardest chapter?

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    Just curious on what is the most difficult chapter in FP1 (edexcel).
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    well, depends what you find most tricky

    CH1: Lots of content, but pretty easy to get the hang of
    CH2: Short chapter, very easy.
    CH3: Generally easy once you've practiced, however some of the exam questions are horrendous.
    CH4: Lots of content, but simple once you've learnt it
    CH5: Looks hard, but is actually quite simple.
    CH6: A case of committing several methods to memory.
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    I would say the matrices chapter

    Mainly because I think it fits too much in without expecting you to learn why it works
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    (Original post by syNK)
    Just curious on what is the most difficult chapter in FP1 (edexcel).
    Matrix algebra and Proof since they're both things which you previously wouldnt have at all learnt in pure maths and also because, as the above poster has mentioned, there's little focus on why methods are carried out. I remember learning things for the sake of the exam as opposed to why things work the way they do.
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    (Original post by syNK)
    Just curious on what is the most difficult chapter in FP1 (edexcel).
    I'd say proof - if you can't see how to do it, you're screwed. At least with the others you just follow a method.

    I personally found matrices really easy. Once I'd learnt how they worked, it was just like algebra.

    Chapter 3 can be tough for people who have relied on learning methods the whole time, and don't have a proper understanding of maths.

    Overall, I think FP1 is more about understanding what you're doing and why, rather than following set methods. Often there are exam questions which just double check that you understand the principles behind what you've learnt, which some people don't.

    Just my two pennies worth.


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