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I'm grateful to the NHS because...

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    I had keyhole surgery on the NHS, the surgeon did it so well I was pretty much healed within days, haven't had any problems with it since. The ward was superb, the nurses were great, I didn't see much of the surgeon other than at my initial consultation but he obviously did his job very well, I didn't have to pay a penny for it, I thought it was fantastic that the NHS stepped in when I was in need.

    The first time I had a blood test, I was looked after very well by the nurse and doctor.

    They managed to treat various skin issues (including an infection and pityriasis rosea) quickly and virtually with no problems.

    Mostly, it's quick and easy to get most appointments with various hospital and doctors.

    (Original post by Muscovite)
    they treated me. and very well. But I'm not going to base my economic opinion on a knee-jerk emotional reaction; in fact even if I did I'd still feel sorry for the nurses who get paid too little so that doctors can have another Bentley
    Another Bentley?

    I don't even have a Fiesta. Or any car for that matter!

    I'm grateful for the NHS for allowing me to treat all people no matter how wealthy or poor equally with no thought to the cost of the treatments and tests they need.

    [which doesn't mean I waste money!]

    the nhs are amazing! anyone whos ever lived in a 3rd world country will appreciate that. sure i had to wait 3 hours for a doctor to see me and take 5 minuets to give me antibiotics but im grateful that they did do that, and that it didnt cost me anything. care like that is often taken for granted, if you have complaints about the nhs, go to a 3rd world country for a while, then youll understand what i mean

    My aunt nearly died last year and spent about six weeks in hospital. The surgery went great, and at the start of her long stay she was planning on going private ASAP, but the care she received far exceeded her expectations and she eventually left the hospital with her life saved and fond memories of the nurses who looked after her.

    2 of my last 3 medical appointments, I've been seen by students. They've been wonderful. One said he'll chase up a report I'm after and the other said that he needs to check a few things with his supervisor. (?) Overall, my treatment from both has been wonderful.

    (Original post by Otkem)
    But I'm not grateful to the NHS? I fear MRSA whenever I have to use the hospital and waiting times are appalling.
    The irony of a Tory hating the NHS because of MRSA when the Tories created MRSA by privatising the cleaning of the hospitals. the companies found out the less they cleaned the hospitals the more money they made to let them get filthy and hence you have MRSA.


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Updated: March 18, 2013
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