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How much have you spent on prom?

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    I'm just wondering how much everyone has spent on prom so far, and how much they have paid for each part. Like, dress, suit, transport, etc, etc.
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    I had mine last Friday, and I'd say I spent about £150 on clothing, and it was £44 for my share of the Limo there and back. Oh and the prom itself was £60.
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    My prom ticket's £28. I haven't got any of the other stuff ready yet though.
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    About £280 on the dress, shoes and stuff. It's not that bad though because I tend to spend quite a bit on clothes in general.

    Negged? Nothing wrong with buying good quality, especially for a formal event :dontknow:
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    all in all, around 200 euros. 250 including the taxi, so think 200 pounds?

    edit: why the **** is this in gcse's, anyway?
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    our schools not doing it
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    prom ticket - £16
    transport minibus - £3
    dress - £45
    shoes £10
    tiara £7
    bag - £10
    underskirt - £10
    makeup & fake eyelashes - £8
    earrings - £2
    hair appointment - £18
    extensions - £25

    total: £154, i just need to get a few more bits and pieces
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    Dress- £35
    Shoes and clutch- not bought them yet
    Makeup- £25 but I'm getting it done at MAC so they give you £25 worth of makeup after
    Ticket- £14
    Transport- The prom venue is really near to where we're having pre-drinks so I'm getting a taxi with a few friends

    As you can tell, I'm not going very OTT :')
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    Dress - £180
    Shoes - £25 (reduced from £70!)
    Bag - £55 >.>
    Jewelry - £20 for bracelet, already had the rest
    Ticket - £30
    Transport £15

    Make up and hair i'm doing myself
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    Mine was about £200 shoes/dress/bag, £25 on ticket and £30 for my share of the limo. So around £250.
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    So far....£60 on dress(it was on sale)
    and £10 for prom ticket

    I dont need anything else, cause I have all the accessories and someone is doing my hair and makeup for me-for free
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    Wow my ticket price seems to be huge compared to everyone else's.

    But it was an awesome night at Epsom Downs Racecourse
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    Like over £100 on the dress and ticket so far... I have no idea what shoes etc to get. Too stressed about exams to worry about it yet. I'll be stressing about prom after the last exam though!
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    dress- £60
    shoes - £30
    bag - £20
    transport - not sure yet probably just taxi
    make-up and hair might do myself
    jewellery - £20
    ticket - £20
    alot of money just for 4 and a half hours.
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    links for people's prom dresses? having a hard time trying to find mine
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    £5.20 - Watching a film by myself.

    Oh me, *blushes*.
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    So far £12.50 , I got my dress given by someone , I'm on the disadvantaged register so I get 90% off the prom ticket and I'm getting my hair done by a family friend.

    Just need to get my shoes and make up done now
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    (Original post by somac)
    So far £12.50 , I got my dress given by someone , I'm on the disadvantaged register so I get 90% off the prom ticket and I'm getting my hair done by a family friend.

    Just need to get my shoes and make up done now
    I hope you don't mind my asking, but are you at a state school and if so is the '90% off' funded by the school?
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    None - the school won't let us have one -.-
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    Dress - £120 + £20 express delivery (custom made from eBay but it's so nice)
    Shoes - £30
    Necklace, bracelet & earrings - £10/15 (can't remember exactly)
    Bag - £10
    Ticket - £30
    Hair extensions - £120 + £20 for re-adjustment
    Blowdry - £15
    Spray tan, HD eyebrows, eyelash infills and acrylic nails - £50ish

    Total - £430, I've paid £125 myself and the rest was my Mum


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