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How much will I get marked down?

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    In my Lang exam today, I used terminology wrongly TWICE :/

    I said oxymoronic contrast wrongly in one question, and personification wrongly in another. How much will I get penalized for it?

    I have a high A for CA, and just hope this doesn't bring me down to a B. Everything else was generally answered OK though I think.

    Will I just lose the marks for those points do you think? Or will I get brought down a lot?
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    I don't think you'd actively loose marks, i think they'd focus on the correct points you did right and not penalise like that. I suppose you risk, with too many errors, an examiner judging you slighty, but it depends.

    I'm sure it varies on how good the rest of the essay is! It doesn't mean you can't get an A!
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    You won't lose any marks . I just think they won't acknowledge it as a correct point, but for all you know, they may view differently and actually award you marks for attempting !
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    Exam is only worth 40% compared to CA which are worth 60% anyways, so unless you get a very low B or under it probably won't make a difference. But i'm sure you won't lose any


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Updated: May 30, 2012
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