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How Much GCSE Revision Do You REALLY Need?

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    Agreed. Although I was doing SGs and I'm not sure how they and GCSEs compare, but all I did was brush up on anything I hadn't been paid attention to in class - a lot of my year, me included , spent a lot of time messing around between 3rd year and mid 4th year - and then a couple of past papers for most subjects. Starting two weeks before the exams until the end of the exams (~6 weeks) I estimate I worked every third or fourth day, for a maximum of two hours.. I got distracted frequently.

    I thought the exams were fairly easy. Expect 1s but I might get a disappointing 2 in there, knowing my luck.
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    As long as you have a good grasp on the subject, very little revision is needed, and it is very important not to do too much revision because when you get to A levels, when it really matters, you'll have burned out.
    Do as much revision as you feel you need, but don't do anything you'll regret later.
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    I got 8 A*s 2 As at GCSE, save maths, I just revised a day before each subject. At GCSE it's mostly exam technique or memorization.


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