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How can I prevent my parents from snooping on my blog?

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    I have a weight loss blog on Tumblr on which I post very personal things about my weight loss, my beliefs, my thoughts, everything. It's very personal, yet somehow they found out I have one.

    They found it once and confronted me about it because they didn't like what I was posting. I made a brand new blog and they STILL managed to find it, and now they are practically disowning me because they're Christian and I'm not and I make that very clear on my blog.

    I changed my URL and no longer source my pictures, so what else can I do to prevent them from finding my blog? Please, I just want a place I can express my thoughts and feelings to others without my parents judging me for it. They are always trying to stick their noses in my private life, and I don't know what else I can do. Please help.

    I installed Kapersky anti-virus program to protect my computer, and I use Cloud System Booster to clean all cookies and any other computer trace.

    How it happens? Help needed.

    Get a diary?

    I'm afraid if you want to publish it to everyone with an internet connection you have to accept the possibility that your parents could find it.

    If you make your thoughts and feelings publicly available then anyone can read it, and that includes your parents. If there are people you'd rather didn't read your posts then don't put them on the Internet is all I can suggest. Keep them saved on your own computer, and if you're really paranoid consider using TrueCrypt to make an encrypted folder to store them in.
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    Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

    don't write a blog

    nobody else reads your blog

    and its something people are going to look back at in 10 years and think "totally gay".

    get a diary, its more personal.

    Your parents sound hilarious.

    Burn their house down. If God is real he'll put out the fire, don't worry.

    And what the guy above said, basically. Everyone seems to have a blog or tumblr or something these days and it's all filled with self obsessed attention whoring worthless bull****.

    Change your URL every so often, and use Chrome incognito. (It should go without saying but don't use your real name.)

    Go on each of their personal computers and edit their hosts file.

    It's dodgy though and they could access it from any other computer except their own.

    Alternatively like everyone else has mentioned don't write a blog, just keep a diary.

    As others have said, you could always keep a diary, however I understand that there's a certain something about putting your feelings out there for everyone to see, and the ability for you to share your thoughts and get comments back and such like.

    You could always try writing under a nom de plume? Maybe avoid pictures of yourself and don't given any contact details that will lead them to you?

    I don;t know all that much technical stuff so this is all I can suggest

    Isn't there a possibility of blocking certain IP's? I think I once heard about something like that ...

    Some websites allow for only subscribers (log in and password) you've verified to access your blog. Try one of those and dont let anyone read it :P

    Make sure your names not in the url or anywhere on your site.

    Do you know if they have installed remote viewing or something similar on your pc?

    Delete your browsing history or go porn mode (private browsing)

    Make a new email that can't be traced to you.

    And finally google search your name/new email etc and see if it comes up with your blog.
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    I want to close my blog.


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