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Are these GCSEs good enough for law @ cambridge?

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    (Original post by chapman.)
    I meant you should be aware of the benefits of being a participant in school life and being in clubs etc outside of school, maybe even DoE

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    I play rugby, cricket and am a member of the debating society.
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    Can people please stop posting these threads or pm someone who will be willing to answer...
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    (Original post by writergirl)
    Yes, you should absolutely try for it. The only way you definitely won't get a place is if you don't try. Grades are just a part of how you perform, they don't define who you are, so other things like personal statements and AS and A2 grades also come into it. Good Luck OP
    Thanks a lot!
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    (Original post by chaza01)
    Yeah Downing takes more lawyers, but pretty sure they're all as good as each other (as in VERY good), dad went downing, had some amazing tutor apparently who taught john cleese..
    Might also have taught Nick Griffin so it's not all good news
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    (Original post by roh)
    Might also have taught Nick Griffin so it's not all good news
    Yeah, apparently he used to just stay in the bar by himself though.


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